5-Gal. This product is a solvent based UV-stable concrete sealer making it ideal for use interior and exterior. A short, on-the-job, application video for MasterProtect® H 400 sealer. $224.75. SX5000 WB DOT Approved Water Based Silane Siloxane Penetrating Concrete Sealer, Brick Sealer, and Paver Sealer 4.6 out of 5 stars 292. Then sealed with BASF penetrating sealer. BASF MasterProtect H 400 (formerly enviroseal 40) is a water-based is a 40% alkylalkoxysilane penetrating sealer for concrete. Master Builders Solutions from BASF presents MasterSeal® SL 100™ High performance one-component, self-leveling hybrid sealant. The siloxane/silane/silox sealer types react chemically with the concrete, creating an internal seal. pratik December 7, 2020. HYDROZO® PRODUCT DATA HYDROZO® SILANE 40 VOC BASF Construction Chemicals,LLC – Building Systems 889 Valley Park Drive Shakopee, MN, 55379 www.BuildingSystems.BASF.com Customer Service 800-433-9517 Technical Service 800-243-6739 For professional use only. BASF’s class leading range of cementitious and resin based precision grouts are suitable for the most demanding grouting requirements The final look is (2) coats of a Hi Gloss Sealer finish. ToughCrete Concrete Sealer - 1 Gallon (Covers 600SqFt) - Concrete Sealant for Driveways, Garage Floors, Sidewalks, Patios, Paver and Other Concrete Surfaces 4.1 out of 5 stars 151 $99.97 $ 99 . SL-40 will not darken the surface or leave a visible surface film. Penetrating Concrete Sealer $179.95 (5 gal.) DECRA-SEAL should not be applied to concrete exposed to excessive moisture. This is a solvent based acrylic co-polymer curing compound and sealer. Not for sale to or use by the general public. A stamped concrete back patio we cleaned using a high pressure power washer. 97 ($0.78/Fl Oz) $129.99 $129.99 It’s a single component product that is ready to use and typically requires only one application. Clear water-based, 40% silane penetrating sealer Where to Use Enviroseal® 40 Concrete vertical (architectural, glass fiber reinforced, precast, poured in place) Concrete horizontal (cast-in-place/precast, silica fume) Old and new structures Bridge decks Concrete highway road surfaces Ramps and barrier rails Parking garages Stadiums Cooling towers A water-based, 40% alkylalkoxysilane penetrating sealer. Most will last 5+ years. Not for sale to or use by the general public. The best concrete sealer for a driveway, patio, pool deck or walkway is UV resistant, breathable, and slip resistant, even when wet. Refer to American Concrete Institute (ACI) 201, Guide for Durable Concrete. An excellent choice for sealing and water-repelling all exterior concrete surfaces without changing the appearance of the substrate. Silanes have a very small molecular structure and also are slow reacting which together allow for deeper penetration into a surface. Exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) have become a popular choice for commercial construction, particularly for … Waterproof your concrete surfaces with a coat of concrete sealer. Call For Price. BASF Corporation 889 Valley Park Drive, Shakopee, MN 55379 Customer Service 1(800) 433.9517 Construction Systems www.master-builders-solutions.basf.us Technical Service 1(800) 243.6739 Technical Data Guide It can also be used as a sealer on flagstone, brick or other cementitious materials. Xypex Bio-San C500 is a uniquely designed admixture for integral, long-term protection of concrete in harsh sewage conditions with high levels of H 2 S that cause Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC). We’re well-known for our ability to assist our clients in solving even the most complex precast concrete construction projects, enabling them to be completed on time and on-budget. For BASF joint sealant product and pricing information, give High Concrete a call at 877-844-4418 today. Before and after. Product Description. Description. 0 . For both water- and solvent-based sealers, the polymer remains on the concrete surface. Allied AC 30 VOC Penetrating Sealer. BASF. Driveway sealers can make your driveways last longer, look new, and give a boost your curb appeal. Premium Exterior Clear Sealer High solids acrylic based sealer. USES VOCOMP-20 water-based acrylic curing and sealing compound may be quickly and easily applied to simultaneously cure and/or seal new interior or exterior as well as vertical or horizontal concrete surfaces. This is why a sealed concrete surface often appears glossy. SKU: 7081700. MasterSeal SL 100 is a one component fast curing, non priming, self-leveling elastomeric hybrid sealant design for expansion joints in concrete floor and decks. BASF’s cement based and resin based repair products help deliver a long-lasting concrete protection and increase the durability of concrete structures. Provides longlasting protection against moisture intrusion, freeze/thaw cycles, and chloride intrusion. It provides long-lasting protection against moisture invasion, freeze/thaw cycles, and chloride ion intrusion. dry lock paver sealer eagle concrete sealer concrete driveway sealer waterproof concrete sealers epoxy concrete sealers. An alkoxy-siloxane which penetrates up to 5mm into the concrete depending on porosity and chemically bonds there by reacting with free silica in the concrete and the moisture either present in the substrate or in the atmosphere. H&C® CLARISHIELD® OIL-BASED CONCRETE SEALER is an exterior waterproofing sealer that adds gloss and durability to both vertical and horizontal brick, stone, masonry and mortar- or epoxy-set natural stone. Kure-N-Seal 30 is a transparent, 30% solids, solvent-based, acrylic curing membrane. Instead, the polymer and solvent form a continuous, clear polymer solution. BASF ENVIROSEAL 40 CLEAR WATER BASED PENETRATING SEALER (5 GALLON) Item# S1007021 BASF ENVIROSEAL 40 CLEAR WATER BASED PENETRATING SEALER (5 GALLON) Qty: Add to Quote. The report features abstracts about statistics, revenue forecasts, and market valuation, which additionally highlights its status in the competitive landscape. It is suitable for use on traffic-bearing surfaces. The Master Builders Solutions (MBS) brand of advanced chemical solutions for construction includes concrete admixtures, waterproofing solutions, concrete repair and protection solutions, performance grouts and performance flooring solutions.BASF Construction Chemicals business is now MBCC Group, which manufactures Master Builders Solutions construction products. Global Penetrating Concrete Sealer Market 2020-2026 BASF, Jotun, W. R. Meadows, RUST-OLEUM Penetrating Concrete Sealer Market. SONNEBORN® PRODUCT DATA KURE-N-SEAL™ 30 BASF Construction Chemicals, LLC – Building Systems 889 Valley Park Drive Shakopee, MN, 55379 www.BuildingSystems.BASF.com Customer Service 800-433-9517 Technical Service800-243-6739 For professional use only. Surface temperature of the concrete must be between 40° – 90° F (4° – 32° C) at time of application to allow for proper film formation. Extremely dense concrete and masonry are the best candidates for a Silane concrete sealer. BASF MasterProtect H 400 Concrete Sealer 5 gallon pail. CONCRETE SEALER with improved slip resistance. Bubbled sealer, sealer turning white or powdery, concrete color turning dark and splotchy, and sealer peeling, flaking or delaminating are all common problems that can be … MNP: 51672868. Here you can see how BASF Master Protect 400 Penetrating Sealer looked while being applied to a freshly power washed driveway. A concrete waterproofer helps make your home free of mildew and humidity indoors. Watch the animation to learn how Bio-San C500’s robust dual technology system eliminates the problem. Master Builders Solutions products from BASF for the Construction Industry: BASF Corporation Construction Systems 889 Valley Park Drive Shakopee, MN 55379 USA Customer Service1(800) 433 -9517 Technical Service 1(800) 243 -6739 master-builders-solutions.basf.us The Master Builders Solutions brand brings all of BASF’s expertise $173.58) Availability: In Stock . Water Repellent Penetrating Sealer for driveways, parking structures, plazas, walkways & more. H&C ® HYDRO-DEFEND ® SILANE SL-40 WATER REPELLENT is a high performance water repellent that penetrates into the substrate and provides long term weatherproofing protection. Global Concrete Sealer Market 2020 Comprehensive Analysis – Curecrete Distribution(Ashford Formula and RetroPlate), W. R. MEADOWS, BASF, Prosoco, LYTHIC; Global Sealing Gasket Market 2020 Comprehensive Analysis – ElringKlinger, W. L. Gore and Associates, The Flexitallic Group, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies MARKHAM MASTERSEAL is a clear satin finish concrete sealer. Penetrating Sealer 101 - V-Seal 1 Gallon - $39.95. When a good concrete sealant is used, maintenance is easy—wash the driveway or patio with soap and water, or a degreaser designed for use on cement, and apply a fresh coat of sealer about every three years. BASF MasterProtect H 200 for concrete (formerly Hydrozo Enviroseal 20) is a clear, water-based, 20% alkylalkoxysilane penetrating sealer. When solvent evaporates from a solvent-based sealer, the polymer chains are drawn closer together and eventually entangle. Enviroseal® 40 is a clear, water-based, 40% alkylalkoxysilane penetrating sealer. Entrapped moisture in a solvent-based sealer may … Siloxa-Tek 8500 Ready to Use - 1 Gallon Penetrating Concrete Sealer, Water and Salt Repellent 4.7 out of 5 stars 330. Global Concrete Sealer Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 has been carefully executed after studying and observing data regarding revenue, production, and manufacturers. This product is very effective against water and salt intrusion. It provides long-lasting protection against moisture invasion, freeze/thaw cycles, and chloride ion intrusion. Contact Us for a No-Obligation BASF Sealant Quote. Polymers and additives for exterior insulation and finish systems.