Selkirk College’s Forest Technology program provides an ideal starting point for learners excited by the combined career challenges of working in B.C.’s rugged outdoors and finding modern solutions to current forest management issues. 1464: "Health:Gerontology", // Show hide Country 1500: "Hospitality & Tourism:Ski Resort Operations & Management", 24332: "School of the Arts:Digital Fabrication & Design", 11578: "University Arts & Sciences:General Sciences", }, Case studies will be employed to convey as much of the material as possible. Important legal principles and terms will be discussed to aid students in the interpretation of recent decisions. }); Page 1 of 83 jobs. if (selectedleadType == "Community Education & Workplace Training - Nelson") { var selected_value4 = $('#T00N5w00000R1mgS').val(); Students may request to have prior work experience or previously taken courses assessed for course exemption. Students who continue their academic studies after graduation from our program consistently discover that the solid technical and academic foundation obtained during their Selkirk studies provides them with a distinct competitive advantage. 'Upgrading': ['Academic Upgrading'], $('#tmp_00N4t000000ORAT').change(function() { }); ar = txt.split(":"); autoOpen: false, Please see, Bruce Blackwell, Blackwell and Associates ltd. Chris Gruenwald, Cascadia Environmental Services Ltd. Megan Hanacek, Private Forest Landowners Association, Jonathan Lok, Strategic Natural Resource Consultants, Casey Macaulay, Association of BC Forest Professionals. } if (selectedleadType == "Community Education & Workplace Training - Trail") { }, Students will work on the creation of an integrated resource management plan.Prerequisite(s): FNAM 3350 and FNAM 3460, This course covers the recognition of signs and symptoms of biotic and abiotic factors affecting forest health. Graduates of Fleming College’s Urban Forestry Technician (UFT) Co-op program now have the option of completing a Bachelor of Urban Forestry degree at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Implications of climate change on BEC are discussed. Introduction to the economics of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services produced by, and dependent on, the forest resource. last_name: { Tel: 604-432-8857 You will be spending much of the two years learning hands-on field skills in all types of weather conditions. 15849: "All:All", As communities across British Columbia heighten efforts to protect from wildfire, students in the Selkirk College Forest Technology Program are continuing their partnership with the City of Castlegar to help with fuel mitigation efforts in the most vulnerable areas. Our primary goal is to provide job-ready graduates to potential employers in both private industry and government. Students need to meet specific conditions to enter each program. $("#00N5w00000R2DG2").val(ar[1]); This field based course will require students will collect, compile, analyze and report on cruise, scale and waste data. Forestry Courses Forestry programs will cover a variety of topics, from wildlife, ecology and forest health to fire management , tree harvesting and tree marking. The focus for the course is to develop introductory level skills related to the interpretation of thematic maps, contour maps and aerial photographs for a given field site to enable field navigation and data collection. /////////// Show hide Program of inteset } 1491: "University Arts & Sciences:Peace & Justice Studies", $('#salesforce-dialog').dialog('open'); $(".Program-of-Interest").hide(); 14633: "Environment & Geomatics:Geographic Information Systems", var selected_value4 = $('#T00N5w00000R3dfr').val(); } } return -1; for (i = 0; i < classAtr.length; i++) { } A bachelor's degree-granting forestry program might include such courses as natural resources economics, forestry field practices, fire management, soil science, forest plant pathology, biology, chemistry laboratory and wildlife habitat management. first_name: { minlength: 2 The program is supportive to those who require English-language training. } } 1432: "School of the Arts:Blacksmithing", 1495: "University Arts & Sciences:Psychology", Competitive Forest Industry. ", //-->. Sampling and experimental design will be introduced and discussed as applicable to the students’ technical projects (for FNAM 3231).Prerequisite(s): MATH 2145, This course will build on the skills you learned in COMM 1145 to be an efficient and professional communicator at work. required: "Please enter your Last Name", Please see. Selkirk College is set to celebrate Grad 2018 at the Castlegar Campus on April 27 with students, families and friends. } else { Tel: 604-432-8891 The average hourly pay for a Forestry Technician in Canada is C$21.75. The Forestry Resources Technology Diploma Program This program provides the technical training required for starting a career in most fields of forest technology. 'Health': ['Gerontology', 'Health Care Assistant', 'Nursing', 'Nursing Unit Clerk', 'Pharmacy Technician', 'Post-Graduate Gerontological Nursing'], // Program of interest Located in the beautiful West Kootenays, Selkirk College’s highly regarded Forest Technology program has been providing forest sector employers with skilled graduates for over fifty years. A forestry degree is a smart option for those interested in pursuing careers in agriculture, natural resources, and environmental science and studies. Discussion includes an overview of the historical development of SRM concepts, environmental ethics, global sustainable development issues, and some of the challenges related to the implementation SRM principles. MS Office 365 (Available free to registered BCIT students. jQuery(function() { OSSD with majority of courses at College (C ) or Open (O) unless otherwise stated. , lcns = locations[country] || []; } As an important branch of Economy, Forestry courses focus on planning and protecting forest heritage and providing the raw material for the wood industry. tmp_00N4t000000ORAT: { - Natural Resource Technician Program; Nicola Valley Institute of Technology - Murritt, BC; Natural Resource Technician Certificate Program ; Getting started: Permanent Forest Technician positions are restricted to NSGEU bargaining unit employees. Students will also be required to learn to identify selected invasive plant species that are of management concern in the province. var country = $(this).val() Students practice sampling techniques for vegetation inventories with commonly used field equipment. Available only through Distance Education. Selkirk College’s Forest Technology program provides an ideal starting point for learners excited by the combined career challenges of working in B.C.’s rugged outdoors and finding modern solutions to current forest … /////////// Cascading combox