Top ten things you need to see the Mount Haleakala sunrise: 1. No visit to Maui is complete without experiencing a Mount Haleakala sunrise. Experience an incredible daybreak view from top of Maui’s highest peak during this 7- to 8-hour Mt. For most people, Maui is their dream vacation. Haleakala National Park is the #1 visitor attraction on Maui, and Skyline’s Haleakalā Classic Sunrise tour is the #1 tour on Maui. Experience an incredible daybreak view from top of Maui’s highest peak during this 7- to 8-hour Mt. Mount Haleakala Volcano at Sunrise, Maui, Hawaii. Some of the very first visitors to Maui, including Mark Twain in 1866, ventured to the summit for sunrise. We were lucky to witness a beautiful sunrise on that day. Be Ready To Share The View Over Mount Haleakala . Sunrise on Mount Haleakala – A Cosmic Experience February 24, 2015 During a three-week stay on the island of Maui, in February, 2015, I finally accomplished something I had thought about doing for some time: witnessing a sunrise on a clear morning at the top of Mt. is your source for discovering and experiencing America's federal recreation activities and outdoor adventures. usa, hawaii, maui county, haleakala national park, volcano crater and hills at sunrise - haleakala sunrise stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Photo courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson. If you have arrived early - good job, by the way! When the Sun awoke, Maui lassoed him, and beat him into submission. If it is after 7 am, you do not need a parking permit. BIKE RIDE BEGINS OUTSIDE PARK ENTRANCE AT 6,500 FT. 23 MILE SELF-GUIDED BIKE RIDE DOWN MOUNTAIN. All sunrise entries between 3am and 7am require reservations made in advance. Journey with a guide to the summit of this massive volcano to witness the orange and red-colored dawn of a new day set amidst the clouds, enjoying the sublime beauty of a sight that once inspired literary great Mark Twain. Maui is one of the most beautiful places we have visited. This the best day to drive up for the sunrise at Mount Haleakala. Remember, the National Park Service now requires a reservation for personal and rental vehicles to view the sunrise from the summit district. Haleakalā Sunrise Tour Features: We provide all-weather hooded volcano blankets for use at the summit (please dress for winter weather). If you just want to drive up to the top, this is a great option. As the heat from the coming sunrise began to warm the Pacific and the Hawaiian Islands, the convection in the air grew stronger. Understand and acknowledge the risks involved in such an activity and sign a risk acknowledgment form before riding; Haleakala National Park Alerts & Conditions (as of July 1st, 2020) Sunrise to open up in phases: Following guidance from the CDC and recommendations from state and local public health in consultation with NPS Public Health Service officers, Haleakalā National Park’s Summit District will be open from 9:00am- 5:00pm. When visiting Haleakala volcano, the first thing visitors will notice is the drive that winds its way up towards the top. One of our excursions was with Temptations Tours in Maui to visit Mount Haleakala for the sunrise. [13] The road is open to the public (although parts of it are restricted) and is a well-maintained two-lane highway containing many blind turns and very steep dropoffs. There's a method to my madness! Hawaii Maui Mahalo Hawaii Hawaii 2017 Hawaii Life Maui Beach Maui Kihei … The Mount Haleakala sunrise experience (yep, it's magical!) This tour begins with a 1.5-hour van tour of the Haleakala National Park, the highlight of which is the sunrise at the top of Haleakala Peak. With nearly half a million tourists visiting Mount Haleakala each year, you can pretty much guarantee there will be other people in your sunrise selfie. If you are wanting to hit the sunrise and enter the park between 3 am-7am, you will need to get a parking permit here. As you begin a new day above the clouds and the sun’s warmth begins to cover the Summit, think about the history of this beautiful area. + Many people say the drive up in the dark is easier than the drive down in the dark. TOUR HIGHLIGHTS We’ll pick you up and drop you off: This tour starts early, so we’ll pick you up at your hotel, provide you with a warm jacket, and bring you directly to the summit of Haleakalā National Park.