In a flurry of activity, all at once various Burmese authorities descended upon the beach. The Myanmar Navy caught up with The Independence, located roughly 50 miles away from the Burmese coast. But the Sam Ratulangi was well below that age. Reference Website. Their combat worthiness is doubtful at best. The Myanmar The submarine has been renamed UMS Minye Theinkhathu, taking its name from a historical hero in Myanmar, and was showcased during the navy's fleet exercise last week. Though it had not been rendered unable to function by the decay, its state of neglect was obvious. Aerospace company. Myanmar navy power. 199 shares. 771 Anawratha, 772 Bayinnaunng and 773 Tabinshwehti built in 2001, 2003 and 2016 respectively at the Myanmar naval dockyard. Its ability for mounting effective coastal defence by way of a large fleet of missile-armed fast attack craft is also noteable. At present the Myanmar Navy operates more than 125 vessels of different classes. in total with both men and women serving the force. The two 20mm Oerlikon auto-cannons. These frigates are armed with an amalgam of Chinese and Indian origin armaments including an Indian made Oto Melara 76 Super Rapid Cannon, three NG-16 6-barrel 30mm CIWS guns, 4 C-802 anti-ship cruise missiles (range: 120 km), 2 triple torpedo launchers for Sheyna lightweight torpedoes, 6-cell turret mounted Igla-MANPADS for air defence and possible ASW rockets and decoy systems of Chinese origin. Moreover the air defence capabilities aboard those warships leave them vulnerable against any manner of anti-ship missiles operated by the navies of its neighbouring countries. Read More Regional. 1965. Classes include Houxin, 5-Series and a recently built “stealth ship” featuring 4 C-802A anti-ship missiles, an AK-630 six-barrel 30mm CIWS gun and 2 Type 69 14.5mm twin anti-aircraft machine guns. Myanmar may use India’s indigenously built heavy weight torpedoes instead of Russian ones in future. by a Captain. If the Burmese Navy succeeded in locating The Independence, could those who had been on board shed some light on the ghost ship? It is equipped with a helipad, 2 Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft guns and two The Myanmar Naval Communications Depot (Yangon). They had been sailing on their way to a factory in Bangladesh where their towed cargo was to be unloaded and dismantled. Given... As the world continues to pay attention to the systemic racism that affects minorities, an Oakley High School student’s note of a company’s racial insensitivities made waves around the world. Searching the surface of the ghost ship itself had turned up all but fruitless. But where did this decaying ship come from originally, and how had it made its way to Myanmar completely unmanned? But one particular incident in November 2017 stood out from the rest. Myanmar Defence Weapons. The photos were published on Facebook here on September 14, 2020. Panmawaddy, Mawyawaddy and Tanintharyi. Until the ghost ship’s chronology and the circumstances surrounding its disappearance are crystal clear, it will be staying under the capable protection of the Myanmar Navy. Other Press in Myanmar had a field day with the bizarre and yet unexplained appearance of this ghost ship, and locals were left hungry for answers that just weren’t there. 1970 besides 25 Michao class riverine patrol craft since 1963-1968. The training of its officers and sailors would also be tested in such encounters. As they informed the authorities, the crew members of The Independence had been on duty tugging the large cargo ship. What do Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, and Prince have in common? The 17-year-old student’s petition went viral after pointing out racial stereotypes of Chinese and Mexican cultures commonly featured on the packaging. But did you know that all three icons are a part of the 5'8" and under club? One thing stood out to them: they noticed that the Sam Ratulangi had not been the only ship traversing the waters shortly before it had appeared in Myanmar. of which four units are in service since 1983. Navy operates two floating dry docks including a Chinese built unit Where it had been since then? BANGLADESH'S MOST TRUSTED DEFENCE RESOURCE. All photos and videos are analyzed and verified by our team. Burmese Army. Armaments include the Club-S missile, Type 53-65 torpedo TEST 71/76 anti-submarine, active-passive homing torpedo and 24 DM-1 mines in lieu of torpedoes. Regional Command (headquarters in Moulmein), Tanintharyi Critical short comings in logistic are also needed to be addressed before Myanmar Navy can mount any major sustained campaign against better equipped navies of neighbouring countries. You would think that after having no maintenance and suffering so much neglect, the Sam Ratulangi would have been a useless shell of its former self. Transfer of Club-S missiles have not been verified. Xavier Vavasseur 03 Nov 2019 . Naval Command (headquarters in Naypyidaw), Central The Navy also uses two Landing Craft Utility (LCU), including one built indigenously in 1984. They will be able to answer the questions surrounding its abandoned crew, the missing cargo, and, above all else, how exactly it vanished off the charts for nearly a decade. They estimated that the crew of the Sam Ratulangi had abandoned the ship after it got caught in the patch of inclement weather. Naval Engineering Depot (Botataung, Yangon), Central Navy operates 6 PBR class riverine patrol craft acquired from the United States The post's Burmese-language title … There are also the Naval Training Command, Naval Dockyard The vessel is armed with 8 torpedoes and has a length of just 21m. They made their way to the expanses of the floundering vessel to take more detailed inventory, and soon realized that it had almost been completely covered by rust and rot. Frank Bienewald/LightRocket via Getty Images. News & Media Website. But they heralded a major revelation. Because of this, it was highly unusual for a cargo ship as large as the Sam Ratulangi to use the passageway. Training was found to be lacking and ability to assert its power over its area of operations was questionable. The teams set off from the beach to investigate further. In Japan in particular the phenomenon has happened far more than once in recent years. DevOps … The Myanmar Navy is the naval warfare branch of the armed forces of Myanmar. No one was claiming ownership over the ghost ship, and by rushing off to get it dissembled meant shedding responsibility for it as quick as possible. It was commissioned in the Indian Navy on 26 August 1988 and already underwent a refit. The Myanmar Navy also maintains four tug boats built between 2013 and 2018. But the theorizing could only generate more questions than answers. The information on this page may not be reproduced, republished or mirrored on another webpage or website without written permission from the editors. The Navy personnel were most properly equipped to have a close-up look at the Sam Ratulangi. There are also three The military said three navy boats were heading to Rathedaung from Aung Zayya Village when the attack happened near Min Island. In November 2008 standoff with the Bangladesh Navy the Myanmar Navy faired poorly against much larger warships of the Bangladesh Navy. The geography of the Burmese coastline had finally halted the ghost ship’s odyssey. Unfortunately, whether lost fishermen or political defectors, in a lot of cases the crews on these mysterious vessels don’t survive. Myanmar and Asean Military Updates. Because of the ship’s relatively low age, to take it away to be dismantled rather than refurbished and put back into use seemed counterintuitive. Whether these boats accidentally drifted or whether they’re part of a wave of people trying to escaping their homeland, is unclear. They are mostly armed with Chinese-origin C-802 and C-802A anti-ship cruise missiles with ranger of 120~180 km). Checkout strength, capabilites and power of Myanamar Naval force The Myanmar Navy’s strength lies in its amphibious warfare capabilities with addition of the Makassar class landing platform dock (LPD) and mass produced landing craft to support Army’s counter-insurgency operations. As it turned out, there was indeed a strong connection between the two vessels. But the boat did not give off any signal, not responding to any hails. Navy operates dozens of minor coastal patrol craft and small boats including Reportedly sailing under an Indonesian flag, it had made its maiden voyage the same year, transporting huge amounts of cargo from one side of the world to the other. Navy is the naval branch of the armed forces of Myanmar having 19,000 personnel notable patrol craft includes a pair of Swift class cruiser patrol craft acquired Official records showed that the last documented voyage made by the Sam Ratulangi was nine years ago. operates more than 125 vessels of different classes. This is not Official Page of Myanmar Navy. in 1978-1980 armed with 20mm gun and Mk10 anti-aircraft guns. Sailing near to the ship was a small tugboat called The Independence, and not by chance. The Myanmar Navy has very limited offshore patrol assets with just two Danish built Osprey-50 class vessels and a newly built Inle class offshore patrol vessel built at the naval dockyard. The missing passengers are presumed to be either fishermen cast adrift, or political defectors. The Myanmar Navy operates a handful of coastal logistics ships repurposed from merchant vessels and pressed in to military service to aid transportation of troops and equipment. These vessels have been relegated to Category B reserve status with limited sea worthiness. The torpedoes were manufactured by Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), a public sector enterprise under the control of India’s Ministry of Defense. 35,520 talking about this. Burmese authorities rifled through any logs made of the Sam Ratulangi in an effort to find the last recorded evidence of its existence. Had the ship been drifting in the ocean for almost a decade? Navy also operates six Carpentaria class patrol craft purchased from Australia Thanks to modern science, and cutting-edge technology, we are one step closer to the truth. China will mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of its navy on Tuesday. were all built between 1959 and 1967. The surface combat capability of Myanmar is unremarkable with only a handful of light frigates. Issued on: 02/09/2019 - 17:34 Modified: … The navy shot back, thus the boat caught fire and sank in the river.” The Arakan Army is an ethnic Rakhine armed group currently engaged in heavy fighting with the Myanmar military in Rakhine State. But as the authorities drew closer to the ship they could clearly see the words Sam Ratulangi PB 1600 painted on the ship. The whereabouts of the Sam Ratulangi’s crew remain a mystery and authorities are still pending clarification. They immediately called the coast guard, navy and police, who would all notice something very bizarre from their observations. Of commendable note however is its naval shipbuilding industry. sweeper capabilities of the Myanmar Navy remains at a nascent stage with only two NEW DELHI: The Myanmar military withstood pressure from China and North Korea and went ahead to purchase a … factor in Myanmar’s security consideration and more so at present tasked with How could you even begin to decipher what stories this abandoned ship had to tell, when there was no trace of having been inhabited? Cultural icons? That makes them each at least one inch shorter than the average US male, and unlikely sex symbols in a culture that celebrates tall guys. The tale of Indonesian ghost ship Sam Ratulangi may have been eerie, but the circumstances surrounding the arrival of North Korean ghost ships on Japanese shores are often truly tragic and even horrifying. The Myanmar naval dockyard also built a torpedo boat (T201) in 2014. India will soon be … The Myanmar Navy is the naval branch of the armed forces of Myanmar having 19,000 personnel in total with both men and women serving the force. Personal Blog. There have been at least 76 recorded cases of fishing vessels that ended up on Japanese shores alone. The question of how had such a large ship with no crew ended up in Myanmar had initially eluded authorities and onlookers alike. There was a puzzling figure looming on the horizon. Instead, the 260-mile-long river is primarily used by small vessels who wish to transport timber from one side of Myanmar to the other. Unfortunately, yes. PB-90 purchased from Yugoslavia in 1990 and the indigenously built 412 class, With 19,000 personnel on duty, the navy operates more than 125 vessels. Out on the tropical shores of the southeast Asian nation of Myanmar, in the country’s Yangon Region, a group of local fishermen stood in disbelief at the sight that disrupted their usual daily routine. Regional Command (headquarters in Yangon), Danyawaddy Defence & Aerospace – Supply and Services, Bangladesh Air Force to raise new helicopter squadron, Airbus in hot water over secret Myanmar air force deal, India to handover Kilo class submarine to Myanmar Navy, Myanmar conducts airstrikes near Bangladesh, Bangladesh-United States of America Relations, Kilo Class Diesel-Electric Attack Submarine, Naval The Myanmar Navy operates seven Landing Craft Mechanised (LCM), all of which were built indigenously. Myanmar's Army is an army at war, and wartime armies are requently economical with the truth when it comes to detailing details of their organization and chain of command. The move, Srivastava said, was in … Truth or Fake. News & Media Website. Authorities hoping to find clues as to why the Sam Ratulangi had run aground were baffled by what they discovered upon boarding the ghost ship. These Consultation agency. Myanmar military's commander in chief, Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing, stressed on his website that "to be a more modernized navy, [we] must be facilitated with submarines. The mystery of a "ghost ship" found drifting near Myanmar has been solved. The submarine will be an EKM or kilo class submarine INS Sindhuvir which a government source described as "state of the art package", adding, "it is a major step towards building and consolidating foreign cooperation". There are similar cases across the Western Pacific — often with far more dire results. They now had a name that they could look into. MYANMAR. It looked like a ship devoid of all passengers and life forms, otherwise known as a ‘ghost ship’. JF-17’s and Su-30’s have the potential to act as shore-based maritime strike aircraft in support of naval warships. Myanmar’s LPD was built in South Korea by DAE SUN Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd. A … The Observers - The France 24 Observers is both a website and a TV show focusing on international news through the lens of amateur images. Sindhughosh-class submarines are Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines in active service with the Indian Navy. INS Sindhuvir (S58) will be transferred to the Myanmar Navy. The Myanmar The statement read: “No crew or cargo was found on the ship. How had The Independence come across it and received their work assignment? The Myanmar Oerlikon 20mm auto-cannnons. Videos. The rough seas of the Bay of Bengal will however limit its naval operations throughout the year unless the country’s naval force introduces ocean-going combattants that can remain at sea throughout the year. "In this context, India will be delivering a kilo-class submarine, INS Sindhuvir, to the Myanmar Navy," he added. A total of six patrol boats are said to be in service presently. But that didn’t explain where the crew had gone. auto-cannons besides 2 12.7mm heavy machine guns. However, this wasn’t the only aspect of the ship that left them scratching their heads. minesweepers are equipped with a 76mm main gun, two Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft It integrated Indian and Chinese armaments and sensors for the first time. The post has been shared more than 1,000 times. A Chin Dwin class troop transport vessel was also commissioned in 2016 having pennant number of Troop Carrier AP-01. They are mainly deployed in Arakan, Tenasserim and Irawaddy delta The Kilo class (877EKM) would certainly complicate the calculations for neighbouring navies but a lone unit is not expected to be operational throughout the year. It had been docked in Taiwan, its last known location, in 2009. Africa. India’s troubled Kilo class submarine fleet. Coastal patrol craft and minor patrol craft. They had to alert the authorities. Reproduction or re-publication of this content is prohibited without permission. The teams had taken turns observing the ship, and much to their astonishment they were seemingly unable to detect anyone on board. Agencies The Soviet-manufactured kilo-class submarine was refurbished by Hindustan Shipyard before it was handed over to Myanmar. The Sindhuvir joined the Indian Navy in 1988. Prior to 1988, the navy was small, and its role in counter-insurgency operations was smaller than those of the army and the air force. Although the story of Sam Ratulangi PB 1600 and its unexplained voyage to the shores of Myanmar has shocked and confused people across the world, it’s not the only “ghost ship” to have appeared in the waters of East Asia in recent years. Screenshot of the misleading post, taken on September 17, 2020 . Myanmar Airpower. 1st Fleet, 2nd Fleet, 3rd Fleet and 4th Ministry of Health and Sports, Myanmar . So what became of the Sam Ratulangi after it washed up off the coast of Myanmar? A single Yadanabon VIP transport vessel was also commissioned in 1990. The truth is more bizarre than you might think. The massive ship sat silent on the sandbar, offering few clues as to its origin or purpose. However, it is unclear if this represents a lease or a permanent transfer. The text, audio and or video presentation is original content and or contains original content published under permission including but not limited to text, design, images, photographs, audio and video and are considered to be the Intellectual Property of the DEFSECA Group, whether copyrighted or not using but not limited to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Title 17 Chapter 512 (c)(3). So in this case there must have been something terribly wrong with the ship such that it was be sold off to the junkyard for spare parts and materials. But the questions still remain about what they were doing and how they got there. ် ရေကြောင်းစစ်အယူအဆများ . guns, four AuliGuns and Hedgehog anti-submarine weapon. Having faced shortage of large surface combatants Myanmar Navy purchased two obsolete Jianghu-II (Type 053H1) frigates from China in 2012. The Independence had actually been towing the Sam Ratulangi at the time. The sailors of the Myanmar Navy have been trained in underwater combat operations onboard on INS Sindhuvir with the help of Indian Navy. Together with use of shore-based JF-17 and Su-30 fighter aircraft in maritime strike roles the fleet can serve as an effective deterrence in the coastal belt. Prior to There was almost certainly a financial incentive for the crew of The Independence to have hurried off to Chittagong, Bangladesh, in order to get rid of the Sam Ratulangi. Despite that, the two lines found attached to the front of the boat indicated that there had been multiple attempts to tow it away. Myanmar Navy – a complete review of the Tatmadaw Yay. Initial theories about the ghost ship ran wild, speculating many different ghoulish scenarios. The Myanmar Navy is set to operate its first submarine from the end 2019 after having purchased a refurbished Kilo-class submarine from the Indian Navy’s inventory through defence credits from India. Myanmar Military Observers. The transfer will also include operational and maintenance training to the Myanmar Navy, which will be operating a submarine for the first time. The navy has since been expanded to take on a more active role in defense of Myanmar's territorial waters. Ongoing maintenance will be entirely relegated to the Indian Navy, making it more costly and time consuming. The Myanmar Navy – Tamadaw Yay – has publicly displayed its lone submarine at its ongoing Fleet Exercise 2020 (Exercise ‘Bandoola’), which kicked off on 15 October. After seeking to understand the scope of all that the abandoned ship had been through, the investigation revealed one more incredible discovery about the ghost ship. Yet even though the ship had been totally abandoned and had apparently gone undetected for nearly a decade and been abandoned, it had one more surprise for technical crews. 1st August 2019 1st August 2019 5 min read. The latest small boat purchase were a pair of Super Dvora Mk III class patrol boats from Israel in 2017. Myanmar Army. Credit: Facebook Myanmar Navy officers operate a Schiebel helicopter drone.