What would cause a bell pepper plants leaves to turn upside down? In the case of a light burn, leaves turn upward and sometimes even become brittle. The foliage of severely infected plants turns brown and dry. For about 2 weeks now, the leaves have been folding in and turning a bit purple in parts. This disease often shows up after plants have been injured, so be careful when trimming your plants not to leave open wounds. Give your green pepper plants a healthy drink every 1-2 days, depending on what the weather is like. Peppers grown in hotter climates will likely need more water. In the case of a nitrogen deficiency, leaves wilt. 4 Answers. The only thing I can see that is a little off, you have some leaves that have the tips pointing down. Symptoms include yellowing and drooping of leaves on a few branches or on the entire plant. Relevance. What causes this? Indoor Buran Peppers - Leaves pointing up and getting slightly purple I planted this Buran Pepper a few weeks ago. Pepper plants are widely bred into different varieties, some of them with tubular fruit pointing upwards or spherical, pointed fruit that point upwards. Females make holes in buds and fruit, place … For a small plant, spray and wipe the leaves down with a soft cloth. Answer Save. Soak the Soil. They migrate to pepper as soon as plants become available. Don’t worry, new branches will emerge and begin growing again when it’s time to bring the peppers out of dormancy in the spring! If a plant runs out of iron, it will develop chlorosis in new leaves while earlier foliage stays green. The edges of the leaves roll inward on infected plants, and foliar wilting ensues. Lower leaves will also curl up and you may see light brown streaks on the stems of your plant. By June, weevils usually are feeding and laying eggs. Plants look excellent though. For bigger plants or bad infestations, tilt the plants and pour soapy water on them and then rinse. They are all capsicum hybrids but the breeders and seed sellers have slightly different varieties each with its own name. EDIT: looking at the pics again, the way the the leaves are pointed it might just be they are starting to hit the walls of the grow area. It's not very severe though, the temps might be a few degrees too warm. If the plant is indoors, first take it outside or put it … The plant has plenty of peppers and blooms on it but the leaves have decided to flip over. Leaves with brown edges may be caused by bacterial canker. 1 year ago Sometimes with my tomatoes, there is a seed hull attached to the two leaves still and after some growing, the hull pops off the leaves are still pointed upwards... give it some time. Aside from nitrogen, mobile plant nutrients include phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and … Bacterial Canker disease on tomato plant leaves. Verticillium dahliae can infect pepper plants at any growth stage. Simply cut the peppers back to a few main Y shaped branches. Pepper weevils complete one or two generations on black nightshade weeds in early spring. A plant with a nitrogen deficiency also develops yellow patches, but the damage starts from the bottom of the plant and works its way up, while light burn begins at the top, closest to the lights. You can water less frequently as your plants mature and develop stronger roots. If dry soil is the problem, give your plants a good soak. The leaves will die, indicating that it’s time to prune the plants.