Honestly, I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. After this, the fare with the distance is automatically calculated. Hey guys ,Welcome to the Next episode of Nepali Entrepreneurs show .I,m Govinda kharel,host of this show. Tootle | 552 followers on LinkedIn. A. Pros of Tootle: I. Entrepreneurs are hopeful and live with a mindset that makes things possible, that’s why they can solve problems. We formed our team by gathering fresh graduates. Recognizing the struggle, Tootle founder Sixit Bhatta developed the ride-sharing company as a way to overcome the constraints of the city’s existing infrastructure and systems. Everyone shares the good and the bad of and about the company. Currently, it have more than 5 thousands full time rider. ”. Needless to say, Bhatta was one of the talk of the town in the startup circle after the release of one of the most innovative products of Katmandu. Since, day one, different products at Three60 consulting have all been our medium of expression. But I always have had a fondness for building something from scratch. As such, an employee, whatever his/her salary, may not be able to go to the most expensive coffee shop in the town as often as does an entrepreneur with less earning than him. Sixit is a Tech entrepreneur, Co-founder/ CEO at tootle, the ridesharing application from Nepal. As you said, we did find an overwhelming response but had limited our rides, on average, to around 80 rides per day to make our system more robust. Needless to say, Bhatta was one of the talk of the town in the startup circle after the release of one of the most innovative products of Katmandu. Tootle is a ride-sharing app within Kathmandu valley that connects people who are seeking for a ride with people who are interested in sharing their ride in two-wheelers. Needless to say, Bhatta was one of the talk of the town in the startup circle after the release of one of the most innovative products of Katmandu. For instance, an engineering student, who came for a vacation from India, told us how he had been tootling people to places in his vacation time to earn a some pocket money. How you began the journey of entrepreneurship? Happy Bean Bags: A Business Philosophised on Happiness, The Pivots That Helped Chamena Find Its Game, Largest Investment in Nepal's Tech Industry - F1 Soft / e-Sewa receives Investment from Kantipur Media Group, Sasto Deal – the deal sealer from garage to all over Nepal, Dustmandu No More! Tootle, for me, goes beyond a ride-sharing application for getting a vehicle to reach on time, although, that’s what we primarily do. 1500 to 2000 per day. On the other hand, tootle partners (riders) say they have found ways to make more money doing what they like using our platform. Last year we managed to provide four lhaks trip. Nepal’s motor vehicle act was passed in 1993, what now seems like eons ago. Apps. To form a team for Tootle was the biggest challenge. It may sound very new and exciting to you, but from now onwards you can make some money by putting someone in your empty bike seat. I have almost always gone where life has taken me. Industries . – Safety SMS to allow your loved ones to track your journey. Would love to connect and share experiences on entrepreneurship. When you travel on public transportation in Kathmandu, the rate up to 4km is Rs.13. II. At present, I am swamped with making Tootle better. In his attempt to emulate the ongoing trend of the world looking forward to resource sharing, Bhatta has rightly made adjustments to tap into the Nepali market, taking Tootle step by step to ensure safe, secure and seamless ride to any “tootler”. Thanks Sharad for posting some great posts here. Tootle is here to make this happen. These services have… Social Media. I really did. Tootle is here to make this happen. It may sound very new and exciting to you, but from now onwards you can make some money by putting someone in your empty bike seat. The reason, we later found out, was that women found our service safe and easy compared to the public transport. Among these 24, Nepal grown innovative startups; eSewa and Tootle managed to win the innovation fund in such global program. – Real-time monitoring of your ride. Likewise; the price for distances greater than 19 Kilometers is Rs.24. It took a long time to build up a team. Keynote remarks | Sonam P. Wangdi, Member Secretary, National Environment Commission, Royal Government of Bhutan. We all have a plan about how the country can develop within a few years. I worked for establishment of M. Nepal, a subsidiary of Nepal Investment Bank that worked for the development of Mobile Financial Services as an entirely new market opportunity. But you have to give time nevertheless. Tootle has 5 stars! I enjoyed working for the two companies that I mentioned. Police say that the service is against the law. In 2013 when I left the job, I started involving in various projects related to education and startup. The experts with the blueprint for development can be found in all the chiya-pasals of the country. 5:00 p.m. IST . Well, I had never thought of doing entrepreneurship during my school or college days. And, we are really happy about that. Download the app now and get a ride to your destination. We will finally grow up. | Tootle is a ride-sharing platform inside Kathmandu valley. For every additional kilometer after that the charge is Rs. Sometimes delving over the results is almost like going to the gym with certain targets. Being an entrepreneur goes beyond that. We are clearly focused on making more impacts and hopefully, money will follow once enough impact is made. You have to run the miles, work-out and get tired to see significant results. Tootle app assist you to book the easiest and fastest ride available, avoiding wait time, unlike public transportation. The transportation industry is the biggest channel in the urbanisation process of a developing nation. They will also receive GitHub and Azure credits, have the opportunity to attend a Founder Bootcamp for 3 days, gain access to enterprise clients globally through Microsoft’s unique co-sell program, and interact with Microsoft experts and industry stalwarts. It’s just about implementation. Ltd. is a company established under the laws of Nepal and it owns the brand Tootle. Nepal’s two innovative startup are selected by GSMA for funding. Ms. Juhi Rajput, FEL Board, World Energy Council. For us, tootle has been a way to employ the youth with bikes, who otherwise would be killing time doing something else. Thank you. In more than 6 years there, I was fortunate to be part of something new, something different. – Sixit Bhatta, Founder, Tootle – Sonam Pelden, Founder, Code for Bhutan. STARTUPSNepal is the startup community of Nepal. Good evening Nepali Startup Comes Up With Innovative Solution to Tackle Capital’s Dust Debacle. Sixit Bhatta is the man behind Tootle, Nepal’s first ride-sharing app based on motorcycles as the medium. Apple users need to wait for a little while but iOS apps are also just around the corner. One the day when I was sitting all alone doing nothing the idea of Tootle came. Well, I guess, our team members are self-motivated and came out of choice to work for a mission. All Rights Reserved. share it. There are people who contact us and share their happiness regarding the ease that tootle has brought into their lives and it makes us happy. I think it’s not enough to want to be an entrepreneur, have an idea and form a company. For me being an entrepreneur or working for others made little difference in terms of happiness. Here in Nepal, there is still no proper environment for a startup. – Choose your payment method (Tootle balance or cash) At present, there are only very few Nepali youths who are optimistic towards making a career in Nepal. Sixit is a Tech entrepreneur, Co-founder/ CEO at tootle, the ridesharing application from Nepal. 4.8. toot le.co.uk. View Photos ; Registration. Back then, our platform could not serve more than 100 rides even if we wanted. And, we had to move on. I got a job in Nepal Investment Bank. We, at our country, have developed a system that can disrupt the industry. Many things will not pan out as you expect within the days you expected. I came from an engineering and MBA background. Voice your opinion today and hear what 773 customers have already said. – Gender preference to ensure comfort riding. It took us a long time to set up a Tootle culture. You have to work hard. On ride-hailers side, we found out that majority of our customers are women who use our service over and over again. When we began Tootle, it was a new concept in Nepal. In 2002 after being graduated in electronic and communication engineering, I worked in the telecom sector for seven years. There was nothing like Tootle, where you can put someone in your empty bike seats and can earn some money. Pathao has ride-sharing services, food delivery, courier and E-commerce services. © Startups Nepal 2016. We have to put a massive effort even for a small thing. Recent News & Activity. “We at Tootle also trying to cultivate a culture of people helping one another,” said Shikshit Bhatta, Founder of Tootle. Booking your Tootle ride is easy – here’s how: -Turn on your GPS > Open the app > Set your pick up and drop off location. Tootle as such is a software application that serves as a means to find motorcycle/or any other vehicle-based services provided by third parties (Tootle drivers). Similarly, in a taxi, the fare is Rs.35 per Kilometer. Sixit is a graduate in engineering with a major in electronics and communication. Can i ask any contact number of tootal owner i want to meet for some business of tootal and partner ship with her In January, we released our product to see how the market responds. One can just select the pickup location and dropped off location. It is efforts like these that get us excited about our work. of StartupsNepal talks about different aspects of Bhatta’s entrepreneurial journey. According to Singhal, the market size of taxi service in Nepal is Rs 17 billion. Well, we are really happy with the way we are growing. We are trying to do lots of things in Tootle. Entrepreneurs believe in a world of abundance, while an employee thinks from savings perspective. Check out what 773 people have written so far, and share your own experience. We used our initial idea of Location Tracking System, added the new learning and thus tootle was born. The fare breakdown is a little expensive compared to the public vehicle but inexpensive compared to taxis. To know more about Tootle, we present an interview session with Sixit Bhatta. Kathmandu Traffic Police Division has started taking action against motorbikes giving rides to the people through ride-hailing apps like Tootle and Pathao. Because credit card payment is complicated in Nepal, users pay for rides using an eSewa account. I was one of the few fortunate people to get into United Telecom (UTL), the first private sector telecommunications network of the country. Tootle: Ride-Sharing in Nepal We all know about Uber. – After the ride is complete, don’t forget to rate your partner. Tootle’s co-founder Sixit Bhatta has a telecommunication background, and says he had to engineer a means to get around the limitations of payment gateways. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But at present every day we are getting around two thousand rides. Needless to say, Bhatta was one of the talk of the town in the startup circle after the release of one of the most innovative products of Katmandu. Overall we are satisfied with our status. After working for some time to establish the service to reach out to the un-banked, I wanted to do something new again. But, tootle for us, is more about the impact than money. After EdCrayon could not pick up despite being an innovative product in its own right, we were working on a location tracking system with intentions to make Sajha busses more efficient. After some research we found that Tootle is a brand of Hyperloop Nepal Pvt Ltd, which is a company incorporated under the laws of Nepal. Well, I have enjoyed everything that came to me. In this episode I have talked with Sixit bhatta -founder at Tootle.today. It is active in 77 countries and 527 cities which does not include Nepal. Pathao and Tootle are platform-based companies that link bike riders to customers through a mobile app. I myself have used both Pathao and Tootle several times. Out of 550 applicant all around Africa and Asia Pacific, GSMA selects 24 innovative startups. Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal; 11-50; Grant; Private; tootle.today ; 125,539; Highlights. Tootle, you will realize, if you have gone through our blog, came out of sheer boredom and our deeper interest in trying something new. But, Sajha rejected our proposal. Tootle is the first ride sharing platform in the world innovated in Nepal. Our business model, if you see, like Uber’s will not earn money right away. Eighty percent of the fare split goes to the biker while 20 percent goes to Tootle. I believe that the concept of Tootle came entirely out of boredom. From EdCrayon (Our Education and Classroom Management System), to the location tracking system for Sajha to Tootle, everything we have tried are simply our ways of expression. Fortunately, in Tootle’s journey has seen only one person leave our company, that too for his higher studies. You can use Tootle App as a cheap transportation medium in Nepal. The Application is a software application that serves as a means to find motorcycle/ or any other vehicle based services provided by third parties (tootle drivers). The realization pushed me towards entrepreneurship. “We used the VAT head before, but we do not have it now,” Bhatta said. Green Himalayas. Do you agree with Tootle's TrustScore? In this interview, with the man behind Tootle, Sharad K.C. Anyways, we already know what’s next. Since then a lot has been said about whether the government was right in taking such measures. This will create a good atmosphere for the innovative minds […] fb; fb; fb; Posted On: July 31, 2017 By : AutoLife Team. Ltd. in 2013, which has been working new kind of products. Panel Discussion: 60 min (45 discussion + 15 for Q&A) Moderator: Vikrom Mathur, Head of Research at the Centre for New Economic Diplomacy … Summary report of Nepal Power Investment Summit 27th – 29th January, 2018 ; Photos. Yeah, it is true that startups face a lot of problem when it comes to retaining employees. Just keep working to see the expected result. The app also has a cancel feature in case you change your mind. Pathao (Bengali: পাঠাও); is a Bangladeshi on-demand digital platform and vehicle for hire company headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh.The company operates in three cities of Bangladesh: Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, and in Kathmandu, Nepal. Shakya informs the number of clients on Fridays is higher in comparison to weekdays. Sharad, i am more than happy to say that first ever tech blog from nepal i read was yours and u r awaysome writer, thanks, hi my name is gaurab can you make a call 9841215644 my cell ..i dnt wanna mail i want to talk with ceo, Hi sir There are these two different Tootle apps that can be found in Google Play Store. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. For me, entrepreneurship is a way of expressing myself. Imagine if you could put someone in your empty bike seat and can earn some money from doing so. Becoming an entrepreneur is not so easy. World Energy Issues Monitor. Ayush, another cofounder of Tootle found out the technological viability for a ride sharing app. You have to able to persevere. We were rather working everyday to create a more robust system that ensures safe, secure and seamless ride. Uber is internationally well known brand for providing ride-sharing service where you can privately make reservation, make calls and have a car ready for you at a specific place at a specific time. He holds a Masters in Business Administration, with gold medals awarded by Prime Minister and President of Nepal for Educational Excellence. Everyone else is here with us. You have entered an incorrect email address! The bikers can make up to Rs. Many of us, including me want it here in Nepal. Sixit Bhatta is the Founder of Tootle. 18. Likewise, I also completed my MBA degree while working in the telecom sector. Confirmation of your participation will be done only after payment is made. Headquarters Regions Asia-Pacific (APAC) Founded Date 2016; Founders Sixit Bhatta; Operating Status Active; Last Funding Type Grant; Company Type For Profit; Contact Email tootle… INTERVIEW: SIXIT BHATTA, TOOTLE NEPAL. The government has asked Tootle, a ride-sharing company, to pay Rs 33.9 million in taxes. Tootle and Tootle Partner are the apps you should download. I have so many things I want to express and for some reason, I ended up being an entrepreneur seeking this freedom to express myself in my products. After the end of that unsuccessful project, I was entirely in a leisure period. Sixit Bhatta is the man behind Tootle, Nepal’s first ride-sharing app based on motorcycles as the medium. Sixit Bhatta is the man behind Tootle, Nepal’s first ride-sharing app based on motorcycles as the medium. 60 for the first three kilometers. After all its Nepal and good initiatives like Tootle are supposed to be too short in success. Easy interface: It has very easy interface. There will surely be good days and bad days, but the question is are you ready to face the bad days as much as you are to savor your good ones. That’s how I ended up cofounding Three60 Consulting Pvt.