You can’t miss. It likes hot, dry conditions (welcome to Paso Robles!) December 2018 Vivid intensity, good bones, a lean but not austere wine with enormous versatility and a high likelihood of making everyone happy. Also pasta. October 2019 For those of you who like your wines to be dark, brooding drama queens: I gotcha. Little bit of Cherry Coke. Ribald full-bodied Cabernet featuring a lot of berry notes with a heavy dose of vanilla and coffee. You can drink this kind of wine with a lot of things, and you should. The wine itself is a blend of around 90% Tinto Fino (a clonal variation of Tempranillo, with thicker skins) and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, and it's aged 10 years before release in French and … I would mention that you should be using a … That’s difficult but I will give it a try! Red wine prices vary widely based on many factors, including region, vintage, and rarity. May 2018 The type of red wine does not usually affect the price directly. On the palate, an eccentric mélange of herbaceous and spice notes (I get nutmeg, and something like fenugreek) accompany a cedar and raspberry core. Juicy and rustic with enough Sicilian sunshine to give it heft, and enough polished modern winemaking to appeal to today's international tastes. Light spice notes, dried cranberry, a decent ration of vanilla and oak on a fairly powerful finish. Ravage Cabernet is a leather-clad Gothlet with raven-feather locks and a stash of clove cigarettes who likes blacklights, black lipstick, and moonless nights. Home 90+ Point Wines under $25 Page 1 of 2 View as: Sort by: Highly rated wines at a great price. Petite Sirah tends to be inky, opaque, and intense. Which I love. Luscious, with a lot of cherry and black plum with spicy accents. I said I didn’t want to let the Banshee cat out of the bag and I am doing it twice because it’s such a good value and it might not stay that way. ... show on the nose of this blend … Wines $10-and-Under 2015 Bodegas Nekeas Vega Sindoa Tempranillo ($8) Juicy red-fruit flavors and a bit of spice make this delicious red perfect for barbecues. All are excellent dinner companions, friends to grill-tending folk, party-suitable and as reasonable to sip a la carte as to pair with food. December 2019 Thanks so much for stopping by our blog! Luyt. Add your favorite red wine in the comments! From the something-for-absolutely-everyone land of Sonoma County, Steelhead Red is crafted from North Coast fruit and it’s definitely a people pleaser. It’s a kitchen sink type blend of Syrah, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Malbec, Cabernet and Grenache. August 2018 This is a medium-bodied, lithe, slightly ethereal pinot, expressing primarily black plum and dark cherry flavors, a hint of cola and some stony notes. Its flavor profile will depend somewhat on the climate in which it’s grown-this is a coastal climate iteration with sturdy structure (you could probably age it for several years) and an almost meaty character (in fact it’s on the intense side for a cooler climate Syrah). Plush mouthfeel. While completely dry, some of the aromatics will invoke candied cherries – or cherry candy. I enjoy trying new wines, learning about different types of wine, the grapes used, and the barrels they're aged in. I knew there was something. February 2019 But again, don’t stop there. In this case, the typical Syrah notes of plum, blueberry and tea, followed by various baking spice characteristics. Halliday Top Value 2019 Top wines for under $25 . Here are 25 California reds with a really good price-to-quality ratio. This dry riesling just won two prestigious awards: top 100 best buys of 2019 and best white wine at the 2019 New York Wine Classic, says Julie Hosbach, sommelier and education and member services manger of The New York Wine and Grape Foundation. Summer backyard BBQ in a bottle. Ancient Peaks Zinfandel … This wine’s soulmate is probably grilled lamb, but as always, play around. October 2017 Denim cutoffs and the company of a few friends on the back porch while the grill’s working is equally satisfying.