Every pilot will tell you the Cessna 206 is the most capable six-place, high-wing airplane in the world. The 206 cargo pod now has a forward, and the standard bottom hinging, door configurations. Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum, powder coated gray Purpose: Direct replacement for Cessna P/N's 1214012-1 and 1214012-4. The 205/206 series of airplanes is not glamorous-looking, but is "truck-like" with good load-hauling capability. Several 206 and 207 aircraft have been converted to turbine power by Soloy as the Turbine 206 and 207. We spend an afternoon over Wichita getting the feel of the Cessna 206, the company's largest piston single. It has a total field of view (FOV) of 225 degrees, obtained with 3 TVs placed at 90° from each other. This is the latest version of my personal Cessna C182-RG Flight Simulator cockpit. In 1964, this aircraft evolved into the Model 206, which was in turn available in three versions: U206 Super Skywagon, P206 Utility, and P206 Super Skylane. Cessna 206 Cargo Pod. David De Lossy/Photodisc/Getty Images. Usually supporting mission aviation planes in the most rugged of environments, our pods serve their purpose of increased capacity with little effort. CURRENT CESSNA C-182 FLIGHT SIMULATOR COCKPIT. Serial Number: 206-1466 Airframe Time: 4810 Hours Total Time Engine Time: 1264 Hours SFREM on IO-520F (285 HP) 1700 Hour TBO (1997) Propeller Time: 706 Hours SPOH on McCauley C90 Three Blade Annual Due: May 2020 Useful Load: 1630 Lbs It had an enlarged cabin to house six passengers and a 260-hp Continental engine. Aerocet ® cargo pods allow your 206 aircraft to become a workhorse. The Cessna 205 was introduced in 1962 as an advanced version of the Skylane. The aircraft’s dimensions are nearly identical to those of the Cessna 182; to an untrained eye, they easily can be mistaken for one another. With a spacious cargo area and seating for six people, the Cessna 206 fulfills several roles as a sport-utility aircraft, including freight transporter, long-range cruiser and law enforcement vehicle. The Cessna 205, 206, and 207, known variously as the Super Skywagon, Skywagon, Stationair, and Super Skylane are a family of single-engined, general aviation aircraft with fixed landing gear, used in commercial air service and also for personal use. The Cessna Stationair it’s the flexible, four-seat, single-engine aircraft, used in commercial air operations and also for personal use. P/N: 3226 Price: $514.50 each Eligible On: Cessna 206 and 207 Series Aircraft STC: N/A FAA/PMA: Supplement 1 Weight: 3 lbs., 7 oz. Installation: Same as stock Cessna … They will also tell you the 206’s piston engine limits its ability to fulfill its performance potential. Two versions are offered, the normally aspirated 206H and turbo T206H. Andrews Updated October 18, 2017. Cessna 206 Specifications by A.J. It has been assembled in 2016 and it is still in operation. The 206 is the third Cessna single to be returned to production at the company's new Independence plant in Kansas.