We offer a 100% GUARANTEE and REFUND if you are unhappy with the results. (Schedonorus arundinacea (Festuca arundinacea)) Tall fescue is found throughout the UK, it has similar features to meadow fescue, however it is distinguished by being taller, and coarser, with a rough upper leaf and margins. Shady Lawn Grass Seed 1KG - TOUGH QUALITY GRASS FOR DARK & SHADED AREAS. ', Hard Fescue Grass. USAGE: Overseeding, divoting and/or construction of free-draining turf areas; tees, fairways and roughs.. FAIRWAY is an excellent blend of four fine fescue species; hard fescue and three sub-species of red fescue; slender creeping, strong creeping and Chewings. 50% Chewings Fescue – Another slow-growing, fine-bladed grass with an excellent visual appearance. }. Hard Fescues tolerate adverse soil conditions and have better heat tolerance and have a high salt tolerance relative to … Hard Wearing Lawn with ryegrass. Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Grass Seed is a good example. Golf Roughs: Hard fescue makes an ideal component in grass seed mixtures for golf course roughs for two reasons. Only 3 left. Hard fescue is very closely related to Sheep’s fescue - in some countries no distinction is made between the two species. It is low-growing and has a gorgeous, deep green colour to it. }) Commonly found in lawns, meadows, road verges, banks, parks, sports clubs and any other free draining or sandy land, Extremely similar to Sheeps Fescue however leaves of Hard Fescue are slightly broader (along with a few other very small traits), Usually requires 12-25 degrees to germinate. Tall Fescue grass seed is a cool-season bunch species used for home lawns, parks, and sports fields in warmer parts of the country. Hard fescue is used in grass seed blends to increase fertility and requires little mowing. }) Hard Fescue. delay = '0'; Latin name: Festuca ovina. In dense shade, you should increase the amount, up to even 100 percent. Orders placed on or after the 18th of December will not be actioned or dispatched until the 4th of January. Both seed types are used on sports surfaces all over the UK. ***LAST DESPATCH BEFORE CHRISTMAS IS 18TH OF DECEMBER (BEFORE 12PM), ORDERS PLACED AFTER WILL BE DESPATCHED 4TH OF JAN 2021 ON  A NEXT DAY***, Grass Seed & Small Seed Experts. A major turf grass, it grows 1-3 feet tall, with fine, rough, blue-green leaf blades. $(function(){ Golf Fairways: Hard fescue is often used in good quality grass seed mixtures for golf course fairways. $('#modal-dlg') Hardwearing-lawn. Its tolerance of dry, nutrient depleted conditions makes it an ideal grass on such sites. }) Turf-type Tall Fescue (or Dwarf Tall fescue) is the more common of the two categories. Copyright © 2020 Hurrells & Mclean Seeds Ltd. All rights reserved. Hard Fescue Grass Seed is ideal for low maintenance areas as well as for turf lawns. Secondly, it forms a very open and ‘whispy’ rough when it is allowed to grow up tall and produce a seed head. It is also a very slow growing grass which makes it desirable for fairways. establishes quickly and contains only BSPB UK listed cultivars. Free postage. It is lush but pretty hard-wearing too. It can be used for erosion control or creating a naturalized area. It’s easy to grow and tolerates shade. fade = 0; The fescue grass germinates and grows best when planted in the fall months, preferably September. if (fade) $('.auto-popup').hide().fadeIn(2000) Germination time. Germination: 2-3 weeks. It is a tufted type grass with narrow upright fine needle shaped leaves that are a beautiful blue-green color. Grass. However, this mixture is what makes the grass blades so hard-wearing, with a bonus dark-green hue that looks beautiful. autoPopupSuccess(data); 10% hard fescue . Hard Fescue is a cool-season, long-lived perennial bunch grass native to the Baltics and Eastern Europe. The reason why the birds like these seeds so much is the hard-wearing seed mixture: 70% Lolium Perennial Rye Grass and 30% Maxima Festuca Strong Creeping Red Fescue. $.ajax ({ type: 'get', url : '/_default/ajax/modal_box.htm? Hard Wearing Lawn Grass Seed; Hard Wearing Lawn Grass Seed. ohtml.find('#dialog_inner_content').html(autoPopup) Cutting height: Normal: 15-35mm success: function(data) { It does not … It’s easy to grow and tolerates shade. Hard fescue It thrives in all kinds of soils but is found naturally in light dry soils in many regions. PROS: Affordable; Can grow in difficult conditions; Thick lawn ajaxLoad($(this)) ... Non-Mainland UK and International Delivery. Widely used for turf and golf greens. This is the best species for low-maintenance lawns. Hard Fescue Grass Seed (Festuca Trachyphylla). 2. Buy online today from the true grass seed experts. Rolawn’s Minster Pro is made up of just two species of grass; 50% Slender Creeping Red Fescue – Has very fine, bristle-like leaves that grow slowly and form in mats. General lawn and landscaping: Hard fescue grass seed does get used in some mixtures for lawns and landscaping. Hard Fescue Grass Seed (Festuca Trachyphylla). This fescue variant is most commonly used in golf course roughs. It is often included at fairly low percentages in the mixture, at around 15-20%, this is mainly due to its smaller seed size. 1kg Grass Seed Covers 35 sqm (380 sq ft) - Premium Quality Seed - Fast Growing - Hard Wearing Lawn Seed - Tailored to UK Climate - Trademark Registered - 100% Refund £11.99 Buy now 3. } Over-seeding: Sow 2 - 2 1/2 pounds hard fescue grass seed per 1,000 square feet or 80 - 100 lbs per acre for broadcast over-seeding Plant cool climate grass seed when soil temperature reaches 55 degrees in spring up until a minimum of 8 weeks before frost in fall USDA Grass Seed Guide An extremely fine leaved, densely tufted perennial plant (non rhizomatous). Although spring generally has similar temperatures, you never know what kind of summers are around the corner; September is therefore advised for its sowing. GBW Grass Seed packs the best overall product on this list. Browntop Bent. Hard Fescue grass seed is ideal for low maintenance areas as well as for turf lawns. Hard fescue grass is indeed one of the “hardiest” of the fescues. Buy quality lawn seed online, using the best available grass seed on the UK market. £9.80. Look for a grass seed mix with at least 50 percent fine fescue. }, delay); The Amenity Perennial Ryegrass acts only as a basic cover while the Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue become established. Hard Fescue is also naturally endophytic (lives with fungus), making this grass […] However, the key difference is that Sheep’s fescue forms distinct tufts which do not blend in well with other grasses, leading to a bumpy and uneven surface. Hard fescue is a species that often gets overlooked in favour of the other main fescue species; strong creeping red, slender creeping red and Chewings. Determine the area of your lawn, and work out how much seed you need. .html(ohtml) These lawn seed mixtures are suitable for new lawns, repairs and over seeding for shady and dry lawns, play and ornamental lawns, front and back lawns and everything in between. £79.00 to £1,264.00. Most cultivars can be mown as short as 5mm. It is weed free, certified under DEFRA's seed certification rules and guaranteed fresh. Grass Seed Consultants and Seedsmen. function autoPopupSuccess(data) { Look for low-maintenance and shady grass mixes that contain several species of fine fescue. Often it will get used in mixtures that are specifically designed for drought, shade and low maintenance. The grass is tough and is able to grow virtually anywhere. FAST & FREE. Designed to produce a tough and durable lawn which is easy to grow and live with. setTimeout(function() { $('.ajax-load').each(function() { They are some of the hardest wearing around, being capable of withstanding even the harshest conditions, which is certainly a big selling … Chewings fescue is similar to tall fescue in that it grows in an upright fashion but is fine fescue with thin leaves. Hard wearing lawn seed mixture for a very high quality Lush front or back lawn, It will withstand the constant foot traffic of playing children or family pets, Easy to establish with a rapid germination, It will give you the quickest lawn out of all our lawn mixtures. The bag is durable and … Tel: 01259 760400 ... Chewing's Fescue the grass variety that does best under shade conditions, allowing you to get a great finish on those difficult shady areas. Really good winter colour too. /* put to screen */ Hard fescue seed will germinate in 14-21 days, subject to conditions. Generally, this type of lawn looks similar to bluegrass, except with slightly wider leaf blades. It does not … Advantages include: very drought resistant, extremely fine leaved, low nutrient requirements, high shade tolerance, clean cut Hard Fescue Grass Seed is ideal for low maintenance areas as well as for turf lawns. Golf Fairways: Hard fescue is often used in good quality grass seed mixtures for golf course fairways. Available in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg bags Seeds/gram: 950. ohtml = $(data) Premium quality and quick to establish grass seed, a hard-wearing and economical grass lawn seed mixture. Indeed, it is traditionally seen as a weed of lawns and is certainly not compatible with fine grasses like red fescue or bent. Hard Wearing, Fast Growing Premium Grass Seed Review. For heavy shade down South, consider zoysiagrass — Scotts Turf Builder Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch, for example. £23.00. data: {dialog_class : ''}, Apply the first half over the entire area either by hand or by using a broadcast spreader. Free next day delivery and knowledgeable staff … GrassSeeds.com supply grass seed for next day delivery across the UK, including for lawns, gardens, sports pitches, and agriculture. The mixture contains dwarf ryegrass, fescue and bentgrass which together produce a knitted turf and offer unbeatable toughness. Split the total quantity of amenity grass seed to be applied into two equal amounts. Contains: 25% chewings fescue, 60% strong creeping red fescue, 5% slender creeping red fescue, 7% hard fescue and 3% sheeps fescue; Sow at 35 grams per sq/m - 20kg covers 570sqm; For best results, use with Pre-Seeding Fertiliser and a spreader; Use our Grass Seed Calculator to work out just how much lawn seed you need. Greenscape Grass Seed for hard wearing lawns is a combination of Ryegrass with Fescue. You are viewing this site in staging mode. It is low-growing and has a gorgeous, deep green color to it. In the UK this would typically be between April and early October. Thank you for your custom this year and merry Christmas from all at GrassSeedOnline. Gently work most of the applied seeds into the tilth with a firm rake or harrow. This Hard Wearing Grass Seed comes in a 400g pack which makes this the best grass seed for those that want to create a small lawn or revitalise and smallish existing lawn. Darker colour than most other fescue species. Ref: mixhar. Festuca arundinacea – tall fescue – is a standard element in pasture grasses and hay fields. Adding hard fescue to the mix can increase your lawn's tolerance to heat and disease. What is hard fescue used for? Hard fescue is a species that is found growing naturally in areas of naturally fescue dominant turf, such as acidic heath or coastal links land. It can be used for erosion control or creating a naturalized area. Shoot density: 800-1000 shoots/100cm 2. 20% slender creeping red fescue. The more original types have a bluish colour and varieties are selected for their very high adaptation to drought, heat and winter hardiness. Established 1946, An extremely fine leaved, densely tufted perennial plant (non-rhizomatous), Leaves are a greyish-green to bluish-green colour, Advantages include; very drought resistant, extremely fine leaved, low nutrient requirements, high shade tolerance, clean cut, high salt tolerance, high shoot density etc, Disadvantages include; low wear tolerance, high thatch production etc, Commonly used in the UK but introduced from Germany. It is low-growing and has a gorgeous, deep green color to it. Our grass seed is blended in the UK from seed sourced throughout Europe. Leaves are a greyish-green to bluish-green colour. in_stock. 20% Chewings red fescue. Hard fescue seed will germinate in 14-21 days, subject to conditions. Firstly, it is slow growing, so it never gets too thick causing players to loose balls. autoPopup = $('#auto-popup').html() The lawn seed mix of Perennial Rye Grasses and Strong Creeping Red Fescue makes for a lush, yet durable lawn. Click in this bar to return to normal site. Both species are extremely well suited to the UK’s temperate climate and together produce an excellent Drought Resistant Lawn Seed mixture. Excellent mowing and shade-tolerant properties. Canada Green is a grass seed very popular in the USA and Canada, with it now being available here in the UK. Suitable for hard wearing lawns. .find('.dialog').addClass('modal-box auto-popup') It’s easy to grow and tolerates shade. Superior tolerance to drought, quick recovery from stress and barely fazed by salt laden winds, hard fescue is a good all-rounder for fine lawns. Hard fescue seed requires constant soil temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius for optimum germination. Buy fine-leaved lawn seed online from GrassSeeds.com, the largest selection of grass seed available online in the UK. Commonly found in … All in all, it creates an attractive looking rough that, with good management will not get out of control. After a busy year, we will be taking an extended Christmas break starting from Friday 18th of December, reopening on Monday 4th of January. It does not … In its wilder forms it is far too large and coarse for lawns. However, it does have some qualities that make it a very useful grass, specifically around its low maintenance and drought tolerance attributes. Chewings Fescue Grass. MIXTURE: 50% strong creeping red fescue. Size: ... with the benefit of Fescue grass inclusion it will knit together quickly giving you a full, dense established lawn very quickly. Shallow sow or broadcast the seeds onto a fine, firm and warm seedbed. ... 1kg Hard Wearing Grass Seed - Red Fescue Perenial Rye - Covers 30 Square Metres. It can be used for erosion control or creating a naturalized area. In the UK this would typically be between April and early October. UK Grass Seed Supplier for Farm, Equine, Environmental, Amenity Lawn & Sports . Seeding Rate - 3.5 to 4.5 pounds per 1,000 ft 2 for new lawns. A Lawn is for life, no one regretted buying quality lawn seed. Available in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg bag sizes.