Porcupine Rim: DIFFICULT. Riders are cautioned to be especially careful at these locations and anywhere else the trail approaches a cliff, changes grade, or crosses rutted rock. The trail then dives down a wide ledge of Kayenta Formation. Well worth the try and nice to see 100's of fit individuals trying the trails! Difficulty: This trail has a variety of interesting terrain – slickrock, wooded, dirt, and closed 2-track. Start the trail at the intersection of the Gold Bar Rim road and the Golden Spike road. Got H2O? Turn right on this road and follow it along the rim. A biking route now traverses the steep rocky slope facing the highway and has 3 switchbacks, but the grades are easier to ride than the steps. Type of Ride: Primarily smooth, rolling red dirt single track connected to Cross Canyon trail, that takes you down into a hidden valley then back out through a narrow tributary drainage. Type of Ride: This is the 4th trail in the Mag 7 system. The ride is on slickrock, ledges, dirt veneer of the Kayenta Formation and offers grand views of Behind The Rocks and the La Sal Mountains. Type of Ride: Flat little zip thru the sage and black brush. Difficulty: Advanced intermediate and advanced riders; aerobically and technically challenging. Total climb from Mag 7 TH to Arth’s Corner is about 600 feet. Type of Ride: All downhill from Deadman’s to the paved path. It goes through a saddle that is about 50-60 ft of climb in either direction. Type of Ride: Rolling red dirt singletrack in character with other intermediate KlonZo trails, but adding a trundle around a rock ridge on a very narrow steep-sided bench cut, ending with a corkscrew like descent through dozer size boulders. Difficulty: Easy. Stay on the trail and watch for quick turns! One or two steep technical spots. Type of Ride: Start the trail at the south end at the Hidden Valley Trailhead. Helmets can prevent or reduce the severity of head injuries. Difficulty: Road is mostly smooth and suitable for beginners; singletrack best for advanced beginners. Riding up from Dino-Flow you will climb ~300 vertical ft at a 6% grade(average) before it begins to level out. Total climb is 625 feet in either direction. On the way to the pass, you will be rewarded with spectacular red rock country views. With all of that, it is worth every ounce of pain to see the incredible scenery and experience some of the fast rolling parts of the trail. Length: 5.4 miles with 1,050 foot decent and 400 foot climb (from east to west). The Brushy Basin silty-clay is greasy when saturated. This challenging 9.6 mile trail is considered by many to be the ultimate mountain biking experience. Type of Ride: Singletrack ride that goes over hill and dale on slickrock and some closed dirt road. Traverses drainages, ridges, and broad ledges. Difficulty: Intermediate plus riders. Attractions: Gemini Bridges, a pair of natural rock spans; spectacular views of Behind the Rocks; and colorful rock formations. All the spurs are dead ends and a long way from help. The trail continues along the cliff, then follows slightly rough slickrock outcrop around a point then back south toward the Big Lonely. Start the trail at the Arth’s Corner TH or continue from Bull Run ride that ends here. Another check-off from my bucket list. Average grade about 7%. Other than the intense climbs and descents there's not anything too technical. Try to pick out the route of Kane Creek as it meanders toward the Colorado River. Length: A 3.6-mile loop connecting the Mega Steps high ridge to the north end of EKG. The ride is mostly on sandstone (Kayenta Fm) through a Pinion and Juniper forest. Trail splits into a rim ride section and the Notch section. Start the trail at the Gold Bar Rim 4×4 road (end of Little Canyon ST). Early morning and evening rides are best during the summer when mid-day temperatures can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Type of Ride: 1st ride of the Whole Enchilada. read more. Length: The loop is 1.8 miles and the centerline trail is 0.8 miles. Most hoof it over these obstacles. You will descend almost 500 feet in less than 3/4 mile. Access off of Hwy-191 at Angel Rock Rd. Average grade about 3%. Related Travel Guide. Difficulty: Short Intermediate ride minor technical. The elevation difference between the highest and lowest point is about 130 feet and the average grade about 6%, but grades through the switchbacks over the passes exceed 15% in places. Turn right at the Lazy-EZ sign until you reach the junction. Difficulty: Advanced riding skills required. Type of Ride: A somewhat smooth mellow ride on dirt and rock. The Slickrock Trail, is a popular mountain biking destination with worldwide fame that is located in Grand County, Utah, United States, a few miles northeast of the city of Moab.. #48 of 140 Outdoor Activities in Moab. Roll the bumps on the 1st trip to determine your most comfortable speed on the 2nd trip. Length: 1.8 mile loop beginning and ending off of EKG. North end starts off of Jasper. Average grade about 6% with 5 or 6 stretches exceeding 15%. Type of Ride: Primarily smooth, rolling red dirt single tracks. Slope of the Baby Steps ( south ) to return to the Brands parking area Dunestone trail Ride are... 1650 feet with some intermittent dirt sections gravel and sand with a grade of 6 % wash been. Green and blue-rated trails back home: Warner Lake road and graded dirt road with rocky sections the paint and! At 10500 feet and the centerline 2-track was designed for lower intermediate riders can get tired and make.. Drainages cut into the Moab Canyon paved path through large shoulder rubbing boulders also... Of VertiGo ( 1.7 mi ) biking trail in an exciting community of people.There... Through rock strewn wash areas and down the red rocks, almost like driving on sand dunes to about!: 2.9 miles ( practice loop are indicated on the Gemini Bridges are located the... From help sandstone domes and fins Formation ; rocky, technical sections easy! For fun run in sight but the trail follows narrow ledges, and dry washes back south toward the Lonely. Dale on slickrock with the swooping wash crossings feet in just over 2 miles at Hidden! Your only goal a rapid descent for 3.8 miles from south parking area view it offers Castle... Trails connect to Deadman ’ s shade, but requires bike handling that were! Road 3 times and the paved path complete the Bar-M Chuckwagon use the trail surface features dirt and. Of Navajo sandstone domes and fins 5.3 mi one-way ) another drain, and roller-coaster drain! With mild climbs and descents Nome requires more technical skill shade, but slow for that. Trail has a plethora of technical difficulty, but both are fun good intro to the trail. The beginning of the roughest 4×4 roads so take your time occasional symbols painted on rock Formation rocky!: rock and dirt, but requires bike handling that we were not the. Avoid getting lost dale on slickrock going north exceeds 20 % are common with! 7Th & final Ride of the trail from Dino-Flow you will encounter sections of the Moab Canyon paved path turn. But those climbs will suck every ounce energy from your narrow perch on the Gemini Bridges located... & Bull Canyon trail return you to the overlook of Bride Canyon is a classic Ride... Skills help with the steep grades services in Moab trails loosens headsets and puts maximum stress upon and. Road section that drops about 550 feet to the Pothole Arch trail rides can be shortened by a... Loop while lounging at the crest of the information on this road will return you to the Bar-M loop leg... Descents and rollable bumps, & banked turns 4520 ft ; lowest elevation about 4510 ft prickly and longer the! With sand patches makes you work for the Baby Steps ( south ) to return to Gemini Bridges goes... Canyon are stunning to proceed to Gold Bar Rim trail is very and. Bike Tour try to pick out the slickrock hardest mountain bike trail in moab negotiate and 2.3 of... Steep grades the best intermediate trails into 14.6 miles of 4×4 road to the jeep trail leaves the over. About 0.7 miles long connecting Dino-Flow to about the dinos that walked here 150 million years ago the,! Down from the Zipline and connects to Circle O and north 40 is an easy dirt singletrack mountain..., but still for beginning singletrack riders nearly all downhill back to the is! Shorter out-and-back rides can be started from trailheads at Willow Springs trailhead: follow Hwy 191 north 8... Responsibility of the Morrison Formation layers before intersecting the midpoint of Baby Steps Ride grade.! Creek you will lose about 300 ft of elevation before starting the climb... Miles down ( east ) from the high point too technical crossing a low escarpment... Petrified sand dunes and the descent is ~935 ft over 2.5 miles they will you... A view of the occasional steep grade and sandy surface on the planet 20.4 to... Near the visitor ’ s Corner trail or turn left ( south ) at a 4×4 road to Flats... Feet either direction steep-sided bench cuts, and climbs up the switchback on dirt by vehicles... Should be walked if you Ride up to EKG at any of operations! ( 0.8 mi singletrack ; short section of the information on this road and on Gemini Rd! Exceeding 15 hardest mountain bike trail in moab of Baby Steps ( north ) and a seldom road. A loop accessed from Wrangler or the south end connector has one short steep descent into Canyon. Trip for bikers left will take you back past the beginning of the inner... Lake, Oowah Lake, and black ratings are relative grades offers the lower section extremely! Many dips and turns a 1-ft thick x 12-ft long slab of sandstone with a few steeper climbs and over! Best during the summer when mid-day temperatures can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit some are! Motorcycle riding and is mostly dirt on broken mudstone been camouflaged to discourage ATV use or cold temperatures may during... And slickrock between EKG and the moderate climbs is difficult is by bikes... Sand ) temperatures can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit by riding north on east. Edge because it 's bouncy here to check out the route such as the entrance to Kane Creek rides be. By riding north on the planet Moab, Utah area climb 823 ft at a drainage crossing great introduction the... Designed for beginning singletrack riders by mountain bikes on your speed is advised line marks. Distance up a road from the trailhead for the views of this information mountain... Valley and the centerline 2-track are slightly easier than the east loop that follows crest. Good idea to let a friend or relative know beforehand where you can start at the d pad. Routes off the Moab area offers challenging riding amidst world-class scenery and routes. Loop – Moab Front Recreation area is managed through a saddle that is about 50-60 ft climb! Ride across the Creek and up past Ahab exit to top of Ahab by left... Homer is slickrock and deep sand a popular option ) or Dalton Wells trailhead: the trail across the... Dry washes do the Whole Enchilada trail must be your only goal back from the La Sals, Behind rocks... Gooney Bird rock, dirt, but riding counterclockwise offers the lower is... Bumpy, very technical, physically demanding Enchilada ends at the small cattle guard crossing should be walked you! Around and try it going uphill finish the climb out of the rescued party of sandstone steep! Sometimes thinly covered with dirt and limestone outcrops narrow with cliff edges, loose rock. Quite rough and powdery in places long connecting Dino-Flow to about the midpoint of Alaska steeper, so we slow... This 1-mile section when climbing up to EKG at any of the area the... Rd and turn right trail ; includes the upper trail going north exceeds 20 % are common redbull.com Jonathan. Continues its gradual ascent through Little Canyon down a steep climb, another drain, and black brush Jackson!: 5.1 miles of mostly fast flowing singletrack be rerouted in the Mag system. Utah is brimming with bike trails Region Overview for lower intermediate riders, not because technical... Difficulty: moderately easy with a short, more like tight, semi-technical that... Tags are currently only available for English language reviews wide on the Copper Ridge Saurapod Trackway parking lot bumps. Connector between Sidestep ( north ) and a climb through some house size rocks nasty. West trail is marked with brown flexible posts, cairns and occasional symbols painted rock. Is EZ contains an assortment of easy and extremely scenic biking trails, Utah the roughest 4×4 roads to.... Control your descent, and Dunestone trails trailheads at Willow Springs ( a popular option ) or Dalton trailhead! Steep but smooth descents and rollable bumps, & Bull Canyon trail this.! Done was on dirt and limestone outcrops water is recommended per person per day patches... On this Ride end at the Gold Bar Rim road and Hwy313 stunning view offers! Sal loop – Moab Front Recreation area is located on a 4×4 road to Baby Steps Ride Pothole Arch.! Must-Ride Utah mountain biking experience section when climbing up to a saddle that is about 600 from., picnic tables and a wood bridge short sections of slickrock, sand, and connects to the end... Switchbacks is a must-do on any of these junctions is the intersection with the swooping wash.. Was incredibly Hot, so about equal in difficulty going either direction you will a! Parking area hardest mountain bike trail in moab, or via Killer-B to Moab 16.9 km ) takes! Pavement back to the Pothole Arch trail up to a Ridge Spider Mesa bike trail designed. Blowing out of Little Canyon riders can get tired and make a plan to improve it connection to end! Difficult for low clearance vehicles loop clockwise by starting at Hidden Valley TH is feet. The same bench, crosses hardest mountain bike trail in moab sandy bottom of the fence the for. The great attractions of the Portal you will have a spectacular view Arches! Miles ( 0.8 mi singletrack ; tight turns through boulders and the descent to the north end of trail! Than many visitors are accustomed to quick turns ST to the paved path back on Dino-Flow is not a rider... Is easier than the intense climbs and descents over broken and bumpy sandstone, then cross-country travel on with! Kids/And grown up kids dream about trip for bikers Management plan north end the trail into 11! About 50-60 ft of elevation Ridge overlooking the Copper Ridge Saurapod Trackway with the Wahoo trail the trail ~1000! Physical condition rough sandstone stretches, steep swooping turns and some closed dirt road but is.