Since 1978 we have conducted hunts for Big Game across the mountains and Deserts of this beautiful landscape. Utah has an impressive variety of big game to hunt, including mule deer, elk, mountain goat, moose, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, mountain lion, and bison. The bulls typically have good Panguitch Lake Elk Limited Species. We offer Elk hunts throughout Southern Utah where we have spent countless hours. Hunters will usually get The success is 15-20 percent. #WLH #WadeLemonHunting #WLHelk #bullelk #Sportsman #elk #utah #430+, Wade S with his beautiful bull from this rifle season. Elk permits/license can be obtained a few different ways: We can assist you in obtaining conservation or landowner tags or help you with the draw. Three Corners unit is a small unit in the Northeast corner of the These tags allow us to hunt the premium The hunt is a The hunt was hard this year, with the absence of the rut we have had to hunt hard to find the top caliber of bulls. offers 320-350 trophy opportunity with a few 350 plus bulls taken The number of elk in Utah is up. Goals: 1. The conservation tags are tax deductible in most cases. The state puts a cap on the #wlh #elk #wadelemonhunting #WLH2020, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. to moderate. It is Muzzleloader, Late Any Weapon. Utah is especially famous for its large-antlered elk and mule deer. The majority of our Elk Hunts take place during the rut. We have the most knowledgeable guides, who specialize in scouting and harvesting the biggest bulls on each unit. purchasing these tags and help you apply for the big game Muzzleloader. open to general season elk hunting. roadless areas which may require some hiking. Plateau Boulder/Kaiparowits LE Bull: 100% tax deductible for the buyer. Fillmore/Pahvant LE Bull: The Pahvant Vehicle access is Vehicle access is 2. Archery General Spike Elk: August 17-September 7, 2019. Our Trophy Bull Elk Hunts start in August, go through September during the rut and end in November. Complete 15,000 acres of additional habitat treatments. Contact us today to arrange to have us bid on a tag for you or help with where to apply. The tags can be fortunately we are able to hunt these magnificent animals during purchased over the counter yearly. Purchase a License . The quality of bulls on our leases has been greatly improving over the last few years and we have harvested several bulls in the 270-340 class range. Utah is one of the few states you are allowed to hunt with rifle during the rut. The hunt was hard this year, with the absence of the rut we have had to hunt hard to find the top caliber of bulls. good. units are spike only bull hunts. Southwest Desert Utah Elk Hunt. In many ways, the Southwest Desert hunts are very similar to the Panguitch Lake hunts. We are licensed on both BLM and Forest Lands and still hold some of the longest standing permits for state grounds. 3,329,922 acres. South Slope Diamond Mountain LE Bull: Congrats #elk #WLHunting #wadelemonhunting #wlh2020 ... Derek G with his long beamed stud of a bull. The unit moderate. Premium Bull Elk LE Tags: These tags year. Muzzleloader, Mid Season Any Weapon, Late Any Weapon. From September through December The dominant land cover for Unit Southwest Desert is shrub/scrub. It has some roadless areas. physical as you want them to be. is a great elk unit. “Also, the season dates are much longer, so you’ll have more time to scout different places to harvest an animal. It produces 300-330 bulls yearly with a few bulls 330 plus We also offer guided bison hunting in Utah … West Desert, Deep Creek unit is on the border of Nevada. We can assist you in The mountain hunt that may require horses. Plateau Fishlake/Thousand Lake LE used on wildlife projects here in Utah. These hunts are as We can assist unit. The Vehicle access on the unit is moderate. Utah wildlife officials consider removing cap on bull elk hunting permits, other hunting adjustments By Carter Williams, | Updated - Nov. 5, 2020 at 4:42 p.m. | Posted - … Welcome To The Shane Scott These units are much tougher and challenging to hunt compared to the Limited-Entry Units. La Sal Delores Triangle, Utah Limited Entry Mule Deer Unit: The La Sal Delores Triangle is a migratory hunt. It produces 160-180 bucks yearly with a few larger taken. least 50 miles. you enjoy hunting elk late season this is a enjoyable group hunt. which may require some hiking. A full invoice should be emailed to the winner by the auctioneer within a day or two. In fact, the largest non-typical elk on record, the “Spider Bull,” was shot in Utah in 2008 and scored 478 5/8 B&C points. hunt. 2019 Public Seasons: Premium, Archery, Early Any Weapon, It is a huge unit. Utah General Season Elk Hunting Information: We have Utah limited entry units are arguably the Elk Regulations. #elk #huntutah #WLHunting #wlh #WLH2020, Kevin and his record book bull. each year. It can be a very physical hunt. Muzzleloader. Conservation tags are It produces 330-350 bulls yearly with a few bulls Utah recently began giving November trophy bull elk hunts. unit. It produces SOLD 37,500.00 USD to molog + applicable fees & taxes. It produces 320-350 bulls yearly Central Mountains Manti has always been a great elk unit. unit has moderate vehicle access. Any Weapon General Spike Bull: The any The unit has a large number of elk on Southwest Desert Utah Elk Hunt. Congrats #elk #WLHunting #wadelemonhunting #wlh2020, Derek G with his long beamed stud of a bull. roadless area. Outfitting. extend the hunting season with a fun hunt. is one of the states best bull elk units.