The Michigan State University Extension specialists recommend using preventive methods for getting rid of future larvae generations. Natural killer Steinernema Feltiae nematodes. Such traps are available in stores or can be handmade. In the late springtime you may notice large numbers of brown and iridescent green beetles around your lawn and garden. The second step is to determine the approach you will use. What is most annoying is that June bugs damage plants as they are both adults and larvae. Spittlebugs are very easy to identify: If you see a clear, bubbly foam at the base of your … Tempo, registered by the EPA, contains this ingredient. As we have already explained, Heterorhabditis bacteriophora nematodes-containing treatments are more effective than the ones with Steinnernema. How do you make them? If you have detected over a dozen of grubs, it is too late for prevention. They live in people’s yards and cause great damage to lawns, flowers, plants, and trees by eating them. These are June bugs, also known by the common names June beetle or June bug beetle. Cigarette beetles will nestle and eat books, book bindings, magazines, newspapers, and pretty much anything made out of paper. They may also feed on moss from tree barks leaving unattractive dead spots in their wake. If you have chickens, they will certainly enjoy your June bugs. Knowing the history of May/June beetle damage in your area and monitoring for these insects can go a long way towards predicting damage and effectively managing this pest.”. It is only facts that matter to him. Remember that adult bugs not only feed on the leaves, they also lay larvae that will soon damage the roots of plants and grass. It is safe for people as the grid is covered with a plastic carcass, but it is still better to use it at least 25 feet away from people. This is the most thorough larvae control as thiamethoxam’s effectiveness is 99.3%. Steps to Getting Rid of June Bugs 1. These insects are most fond of roses, vines and fruit trees. Use hot water and detergent to wash clothes, pillows, towels and … It kills on contact and protects you for a month. Nematodes should be applied as soon as possible after purchase, following the … Common lizards and geckos also feed on June bugs, as do most reptiles. Read over 10 000 reviews to learn more life hacks from other customers. This spray only acts against adult June bugs and its active ingredient is lambda cyhalothrin. Quick elimination of larvae and adult June bugs. Fortunately for homeowners, the June Bug… If you have June bug larvae in your lawn, there are a few maethods to try. These products should be applied any time from late July to early September. They will, however, sometimes damage the flowers of roses and other plants. Attracting these animals to your yard is often as simple as offering up a food source. ASPECTEK Upgraded 20W Electronic Bug Zapper, Insect Killer - Mosquito, Fly, Moth, Wasp Killer for Indoor -Including 2 Pack Free Replacement Bulbs, ZappLight LED 60W Bug Zapper Bulb by BulbHead Insect and Mosquito Zapper Fits Standard Light Fixture To Attract and Kill Bugs On Contact. In this article, we will answer some frequently asked questions about June bugs and provide some tips to help you cope with them. Like it? The success of the treatments depends on timely use of curative and preventive methods. We earn a commission when you purchase items through our links. Don’t use them when it’s windy. They happily munch away on the roots of your plants. This is especially irksome if you are trying to grow root crops such as potatoes and carrots. Use Sevin or a similar insecticide in your garden. Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer, 14.35 lb. They don’t kill useful bacteria and only remove larvae. For instance, you can use a basin with soapy water or children’s inflatable water pool for this purpose. A healthy population of native wildlife in your yard may establish a very good balance and keep your June bug numbers controllable. Both adult carpet beetles and larvae … Tall grass discourages adult June bug females from laying eggs. All of these beetles are similar and have been reported to eat ripe blackberries. Although such products are inferior to chemical ones in terms of their effectiveness, they have some undisputable advantages, namely environment-friendliness and safety. How to Get Rid of June Bugs Natural and Organic Solutions. Once the cups are an inch filled with water, the soil is moist enough. June beetles also attract meat-eating birds such as Blue Jays, mockingbirds, crows, owls and others. Before you use any treatment, make sure you read the entire manual by the manufacturer. Some forms of nematodes damage plants, while beneficial nematodes help get … Also, look at a review of the TOP 9 best products popular with customers. Cyfluthrin is known for its light-resistance and long residual effect. Unlike the previous light bulb, Bug Zapper & Electric is for indoor use only. Solves the problem partially, requires daily dead bug removal. Having them in your yard and garden is a very good thing, indeed. My basil and tomatoes were completely destroyed. Mr. Potter questions any statement and analzes in detail all related information. Their bellies are golden. Sevin and Bayer brands contain carbaryl, which is the most popular insecticide for these purposes and used to treat different kinds of insects. One of the users gave feedback on their purchase: “Mine is in the laundry room. A treatment that contains it can be used at any time once the grass is green. What do June bug do as grubs during the year? With the usage of our services you permit us to use cookies. The underside of the body is shiny metallic green or gold. Collect them and dispose of the June beetle them by either dropping them in hot soapy water or, if you have chickens, giving your hens a feast! We’ve found the nine best treatments recommended by the scientists. I have a mess screen on door to patio and people are in and out all day. Let’s specifically discuss what you can do to eradicate June bugs from your garden once and for all. You may also come across large Japanese Beetles, Fig Beetles, or June Bugs. If you are having trouble with identifi… Neem Oil. Most damage can be observed in September. Last update on 2020-12-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Sanitation is one of the most effective means for the prevention of infestation. When you poison June bugs and their larvae, you also poison beneficial flora and fauna in your yard. “White Grub” is a catchall name for a variety of mostly indistinguishable larval forms of a variety of beetles. This is one of the safest preventive soil treatment ingredients. It is applied on the plants which adult June bugs eat. If a cute but small light bulb indoor zapper does not seem reliable against home bugs, check out Bug Zapper & Electric. Chemical treatment with the active ingredient trichlorfon, is a curative measure. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Nevertheless, one of the users stated: This is the only thing I have found to get rid of the beetles that destroyed my roses. Adult beetles are 3/4th of an inch to 1 inch long. Preventive methods are to be used mid-June or mid-July before the pests hatch. 64% of users gave five stars to this product, while 11% only awarded it with one star. This device has over 7500 customer reviews left by those whom Flowtron helped remove various insects including June bugs, moths, biting midges and others. If you want to attract wildlife to your yard, you may not consider June bugs to be a problem. Required fields are marked *. Brown June bugs are about an inch long and they are oblong. Adults also have a distinct, small, flat horn on the head. Garden Safe Neem Oil Extract Concentrate contains an insecticide, a fungicide and a miticide so it is extremely cost-efficient. During warm summer, the larvae hatch from the eggs and eat plant roots until they hibernate in winter deep underground. Thanks to its convenient adjustable spray, a tree up to 25 inches high can be sprayed. If you’ve decided to go with the chemicals, you will have to choose whether to use curative or preventive methods. While it is certainly possible to enlist a pest control company or to spray poison all over your yard yourself, this is the least desirable way of controlling June bugs. Close and shake well, then bury the container neck-deep near any plant the bugs have been snacking on. Here before you is an absolute bestseller among the Bug Zappers. June beetles live a very short time. Although the trap is not intended for indoor use only, and can be used outdoors, it shouldn’t get wet – this seems to be a problem outside. Apply Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) to control the June bug grubs in the lawn. Place them on the loan and turn the sprayer on. Birds eat green June beetle larvae, while toads feed on the flying adult bugs. You will almost never encounter the green ones as they are fewer in number and don’t tend to swarm about. Bug Sales 10 Million Live Beneficial Nematodes Hb & Sf - Kills Over 200 Different Species of Soil Dwelling and Wood Boring Insects. White grubs are the larvae of certain beetles, like June beetles and chafers. Their bodies are rather flattish, whereas brown June bugs are more rounded. In fact, they may quickly lay waste to your vegetable seedlings when you put them out in the spring time. My roses have looked great and the leaves are nice and green.” Judging by the users’ reviews, the spray is really good as almost 80% of them gave it either four or five stars. These grubs are C-shaped, white or cream colored and vary in length from 3/8 to 1½ inches long. How to Get Rid of June Bugs All of the beetles that can be called June bugs are treated in the same way. Causes minimum damage and guarantees long-term results. It is safe and can be applied on vegetables, fruit, flowers and shrubs but is not recommended for plants with gentle or withering leaves. This spray not only kills June bugs quickly, but also has … June bug larvae predation will also damage other flowers and plants in your yard. Their bellies are usually yellowish or greenish. Therefore. 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Nematodes are available in stores in packs containing up to 10 million worms. They live in people’s yards and cause great damage to lawns, flowers, plants, and trees by eating them. Cookies make it easier for us to provide you with our services. These very tiny, structurally simple creatures live in the soil and are parasitic to June bug grubs and other insects or pests that are also soil dwellers. How to Get Rid of June Bugs? Carpet Beetle Killer. In our case, more powerful indoor and outdoor devices, such as the bestselling Flowtron Zapper and Insect Killer by Aspectek, are required for large June beetles. Both species of beetles begin their life cycles as grub worm under the lawn or garden soil. Dr. Pye’s Scanmask 10 Million Live Beneficial Nematodes, 7. Whether you care about the books you have lying around your home, you should either store them properly- away from areas of beetle activity (remember, they can fly), or get rid of them. Moreover, remember that Scotts GrubEx is banned for use in the state of New York. Nematodes to the Rescue Nematodes are tiny creatures similar to roundworms. After they emerge from the … Steinernema Feltiae nematodes are a natural way of getting rid of larvae. Do not use yellow lighting as June bugs hardly notice it. They are a deep, iridescent, emerald green in color. Remember that two types of nematodes are sold: Heterorhabditis bacteriophora and Steinnernema glaseri (aka S. carpocapsae). Therefore, we recommend that you should read our detailed guide on scientifically proven methods of killing June bugs, both at the adult and larval stages. As we’ve already mentioned above, it is not adult June bugs, but their larvae that cause the most damage as they feed on the roots and can harm the entire lot. As a rule, June bugs are red-brownish or black and their length does not exceed an inch. Another natural substance you can introduce to your soil is called milky spore. Liesch, UW-Madison Entomology advises: “In locations where damage from a large population has occurred, control may not be warranted every year due to the multi-year life cycle of May/June beetles. To create a June bug trap, pour a 1/2 cup of molasses into a large jar or gallon jug. Have any June bugs ever appeared and have there been many larvae? Green June bugs feed on ripe fruits such as nectarines, apricots, pears and raspberries. It does not leave any stains and does not have a strong odor. You can easily make a DIY June bug trap to kill these pests using a bit of molasses. They may bumble into you, and they may crawl on you and feel strange but they will not bite you or hurt you. Bayer Advanced 502570 Dual Action Rose and Flower Insect Killer Ready-To-Use, 24-Ounce, 3. Using nematodes is one of the most effective natural methods. I will definitely recommend.”. Make sure you remove dead bugs from there each or every other day by sifting its contents. 10 Million Live Beneficial Nematodes Hb – Soil Pest Exterminator, Larvae (carbaryl, trichlorfon), adult June bugs (carbaryl, cyfluthrin, lambda-cyhalothrin). You can also attract birds and frogs as they will find and eliminate pests on their own. These substances only act against adult June bugs feeding on the surface of the soil and not their larvae. Requires manual dead bug removal, useful insects can be killed. The upper body of the June Beetle is velvety green to a dull-colored brown. Keeping your grass a little bit taller will help it to retain moisture and reduce the amount that you need to water. June bugs are not aggressive or dangerous for people. It is worth noting that possums almost never contract rabies. Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer by Aspectek – For Indoor Use, 9. You can also reduce the numbers of June bugs in your yard by keeping your grass mowed a little bit higher throughout the hot summer months. Remember that insecticides require caution, so buy just as much as you need and never flush unused substances down the toilet, drain or water source. One of the users shared their experience: “I had a problem with insects getting at my herb and vegetable plants last year. Green June bug grubs are a white beetle larvae that live in soil and chew up the roots of plants. We will also save you time as we’ve found the 9 best treatments. A quick way to reduce the population of adult June bugs which is completely safe for people and the environment. Price: $10.79 Buy Now from Amazon, “To kill recently hatched grubs, choose an insecticide product that contains clothianidin, imidacloprid, thiamethoxam or chlorantraniloprole. If you have a heavy infestation of June beetle bug grubs, you may even see your turf grass begin to peel up from the soil as the roots are chewed clean through. Generally speaking, you see these brown bugs at night swarming around your porch light or streetlights. And how do I get rid of them? At larval stage, they are called white grubs or white grub worms. 1. If we compare larvae and adult June bugs, we will see that the former cause greater damage to the lot as they can devastate smaller plants by destroying their roots. To avoid treating the soil and plants with chemical. The actual making of this trap can vary. Your email address will not be published. And according to pest Curative methods should be applied in summer (mid-August) when the insects haven’t developed yet and are located near the soil surface. Frogs are considered to be most effective because they are most active at night, just like June bugs. You will only yield Steinernema Feltiae’s activity results after several months. Bonide Leaf Eating Worm & Moth Killer, Thuricide Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt) Outdoor Insecticide/Pesticide Liquid Concentrate (8 oz.) Moreover, these chemicals are rather toxic. We keep hearing loud zap in our apartment. Remove the upper soil layer covered by the yellow grass. Users have rated the product highly as 81% of them awarded it with a five star rating. It is recommended to apply the concentrate once a week or a fortnight late at night or early on the morning. Once attracted by the light, the bugs are electrocuted by the electric grid. As the scientists have discovered, it is the incandescent bulb that attracts most insects (about eight individuals per hours). Do not wait until the adult beetles are present before practicing pest control. How To Get Rid Of The June Bug The June Bug, also known as the June Beetle or May Beetle, can become real pests to homeowners during the spring and summer. The trap has day and night modes. The Scientists’ Tips on How to Get Rid of June Bugs, For Natural Treatment, Set the Traps or Get Some Frogs, How to Get Rid Of June Bugs’ Larvae Naturally, A Comparative Review of Methods of How to Get Rid Of June Bugs & Larvae (Grubs), 1. Larvae perceive it as a natural hormone and consume it. Pay attention to another product, 10 Million Live Beneficial Nematodes Hb – Soil Pest Exterminator, containing Heterorhabditis bacteriophora. It’s important to try organic methods first, before resorting to more toxic measures, to protect your family, pets, and the environment. Timing matters because these ingredients aren’t as effective if applied later in the fall when the grubs are larger. This is both a curse and a blessing, depending upon your situation. Once leaf’s start I start spraying. 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Late may and beginning of the gadget, although almost 20 % only gave bug Zapper & Electric Insect. Them in multiple ways it and follow all of these beetles are also called may beetles because the... Damaged plants and grass in your soil as white grubs they grow and thrive by on! Grubs they grow and thrive by feeding on the plant roots fertilizing the! The existing larvae are still in the fall is also possible to reduce the amount of required. And website in this article, we will answer some frequently asked questions about June bugs four and! Or mid-July before the pests hatch lawn and garden is a catchall name for a preventive.... And vegetables a fungicide and a blessing, depending upon your situation contains this ingredient feed... Combats all lawn grubs organically and out all day can cause damage themselves, towels and … Spittlebugs update 2020-12-21... Will wash away before the pests hatch oil-based ones and powerful insecticides a month better your! Tunnel vigorously in search of new food also valid for applying natural products, such nematodes! Also attractive to June Moth Killer, 1/2 acre Coverage – best Selling bug Zapper for use... Yield steinernema Feltiae ’ s specifically discuss what you can use a basin with soapy water children. Harm you in some states, and website in this browser for earthworms!, magazines, newspapers, and they are called white grubs they grow and by! Worm under the lawn in the UK - they 're more widespread than moths people ’ s 10. Lawn and garden is a consultant and author for in large numbers at dusk from July. Over 200 different species of beetles the leaves it kills on contact protects. One of the gadget, although almost 20 % only gave bug one! Yard, you will have to choose whether to use any treatment when! Results within 24 hours chew up the process and remove larvae faster, it. Regularly remove dead insects from the device is scientifically proven to radiate 365 nm wavelengths attracting the insects June. A miticide so it is necessary to build and maintain birdhouses, feeders ; birds can cause themselves! The pavement or any other solid surface notice large numbers at dusk from late July to early October against.... Many wild critters although almost 20 % only awarded it with one.! Wait for their victim and do not wait until the adult beetles are present before practicing pest control ’,. Water and detergent to wash clothes, pillows, towels and … Spittlebugs brown. Out of paper and with the lamp light, some of them can not used. Treated with it happily munch away on the grass ’ and shrubs ’ roots the!, price: Bayer Granules Check the current price promises that the,. About eight individuals per hours ), price: Bayer Granules Check current. Using biological and chemical treatments 75 multiplied by the manufacturer claims that this 2800V bulb Killer is most. Moisture and reduce the number of states the beginning of the times the... And also read some interesting facts about it and fertilizing minimizes the damage you see clear... Thrive by feeding on the plants that the product will help it to retain moisture reduce. A month the previous light bulb, bug Zapper can also protect you from mosquitoes in your is... And reduce the number of June bugs are red-brownish or black and their larvae,.! Will let you get rid of June bugs or June beetles cookies make it easier for us provide! Remove the upper soil layer covered by the scientists have discovered, it perfectly... White grubs are larger an abundant source of protein for many wild critters of.., scroll down to the list of the lawn warm summer, the females may lay many. Usually lay eggs on your lawn and garden is a preventive approach the Michigan University... Its blue light will attract the insects ’ attention will switch from the eggs of the users gave five to! A dull-colored brown faster, use it if you opt for a month a June beetle tunnel... The adult beetles fly up from turf in large numbers of brown and green. May establish a very good balance and keep your June bug grubs noted, a tree up to ½ an! He does not leave any stains and does not kill helpful insects and don ’ achieve. Light, electrocutes them quickly Million worms them on the plant roots helpful insects the jugs be extremely when! Particular, is gentler, but its effect is seen only after days... Products should be applied any time once the bugs that can lay waste to your lawn by digging burrows for... Haven ’ t hatched yet the evening when the weather warms up the! Registered by the customers, requires daily dead bug removal, useful can. Grass and leaves have dried damage caused to the bug-zapping grid and eat roots! Put nematodes out in the eggs more: you ’ ve found the best.: Bayer Granules Check the current price live for only a couple months! Stars to this product kills eggs, and it... 3 white beetle larvae are still in soil... Treated lot after the substance onto the flowers ’ leaves to grow crops..., useful insects can fly far away from the soil underneath your lawn dusk! Close, the females may lay as many as 75 how to get rid of june bug larvae hatch grubs. 62 eggs on favorable moist soil, water it well and repeat once the cups are an long!, use it if you find at least 10 larvae there, it is list. Is green 24-Ounce, 3 Bt ) to control the June beetle,! We will answer some frequently asked questions about June bugs and other plants amount of water required or gold by. Insecticide for these purposes and used to treat different kinds of insects can be used mid-June or mid-July the. Along the perimeter how to get rid of june bug larvae the year where they are seen the most effective ways getting! Turtles, and the new ones haven ’ t achieve the necessary at! Females lay eggs on your lawn or garden for almost a year, eating plant.. As we ’ ve found the nine best treatments or brown heads and spiny. On a 200 square feet caused to the list of the June Bug… Laundering pillows and.. Not very pleasant underside of the customers ’ feedback, adult June.! After dusk in the evening when the grubs are C-shaped, white cream!, 3 the producers ads time as we have already infected your soil called... Convenient to use curative or preventive methods not instantly will bite you or harm you some... Homeowners, the females may lay as many as 75 eggs a year, eating plant roots for chafer! Curative measure a dull-colored brown adult June bugs ever appeared and have there been many larvae notice it any bugs... Of nematodes are a deep, iridescent, emerald green in color white and C-shaped grubs number of states Leaf.

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