This was contrary to his instructions, and although he was received in St Petersburg with enthusiasm, and presented with a sword of honour by the emperor, he was not again employed in the military service, and retired from it in July 1874. Last month, in discussions of who-whom and whoever-whomever, we passed along a handy memory aid: who (and whoever) = he; whom (and whomever) = him.. That’s fine as far as it … Definition of honour_2 verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Lutatius Catulus composed a quatrain in his honour, and the dictator Sulla presented him with a gold ring, the badge of the equestrian order, a remarkable distinction for an actor in Rome, where the profession was held in contempt. Examples of Honor in a sentence If a knight were to kill an opponent that had surrendered in a duel, his honor would be stained in the eyes of the people. Lack of social graces and the deficiencies of his early education impeded him at first, but "in the end `Old Jack,' as he was always called, with his desperate earnestness, his unflinching straightforwardness, and his high sense of honour, came to be regarded with something like affection.". In 1909 it had twenty buildings, and a Memorial Arch of Indiana buff limestone, dedicated in 1903, in honour of Congregational missionaries, many of them Oberlin graduates, killed in China in 1900. In 1613 The Masque of Flowers was presented by the members of Gray's Inn in the Old Banqueting House in honour of the marriage of the infamous Carr, earl of Somerset, and the equally infamous Lady Frances, daughter of the earl of Suffolk. In Berlin Spener was held in high honour, though the tendencies of the court and the government officials were rather rationalistic than pietistic. Renewed freedom was celebrated by a colossal statue of Zeus Eleutherius and by a yearly feast in his honour. After the Revolution Nansen continued in high honour, but he chiefly occupied himself with commerce, and was less and less consulted in purely political matters. Of all things," he wrote to his mother after the defeat, " nothing remains to me but honour and life, which is safe " - the authentic version of the legendary phrase " All is lost save honour.". The honour paid by them to the serpent is connected with the old mythologies of Babylon and Egypt as well as with the popular cults of Greece and the Orient. granted them the honour of being the first to receive knighthood at the coronation; this part of the ceremonies being opened by the herald asking in a loud voice "Is no Dalberg present?". ; It's quite a different case from that of a duel, where one's honor is concerned. In honour of definition: If something is arranged in honour of a particular event, it is arranged in order to... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 30 examples: The university has made the honor roll every year since its inception in 2006… In the early Roman empire the word was used to designate the companions of the emperor (comites principis) and so became a title of honour. On the 27th of March 1808 he was able to attend a performance of the Creation, given in his honour, but it was his last effort, and on the 31st of May 1809 he died, aged seventy-seven. Lake Dweru Lake George, in honour of George V. The posts of honour had been divided between the rival factions. Soon afterwards Marshal Clausel began to build a regular city, which was at first called Medina Clausel in his honour. It was not till almost the 6th century that the word became a title of honour specially given to the dead whose cult was publicly celebrated in the churches. 10 "he that burneth him" probably means "he that burns perfumes in his honour.". In 1776 he answered Gibbon's chapters on Christianity, and had the honour of being one of the only two opponents whom Gibbon treated with respect. Make it happen. The spirit of the nation was in them and they fought to kill, not for the honour of their arms. Since the naval revolt of 1893-1894 the name of the capital of Santa Catharina has been changed from Desterro to Florianopolis in honour of President Floriano Peixoto. She appointed panegyrics to be composed in his honour, and offered valuable prizes for the best oratorical and tragic compositions. In 1808 the emperor offered Louis the throne of Spain then vacant; but on Louis refusing to accept it the honour went to Joseph. i've seen cases where an honour even an hour were used in sentences this is one of the complexities in english A statue to his honour has been erected at Maros-Vasarhely, but he lives still more enduringly in the immortal verses of the patriot poet Sandor Petofi, who fell in the fatal action of the 31st of July at Segesvar. Alexandria, first known as Belhaven, was named in honour of John Alexander, who in the last quarter of the 17th century had bought the land on which the city now stands from Robert Howison; the first settlement here was made in 1695. Thirdly, it can justly claim the honour of Plato's name, since it expressly goes back to him for its metaphysics, directly combating those of the Stoa. He returned to France in 1801, and in the following year he was nominated prefect of Isere, and was created baron and chevalier of the Legion of Honour. Cannibalism seems also to have sometimes been in the nature of a funeral observance, in honour of the deceased, of whom the relatives reverently ate portions. This proves that the use of the mitre had been for some time established at Rome; that it was specifically a Roman ornament; and that the right to wear it was only granted to ecclesiastics elsewhere as an exceptional honour. This mountain, too, was the scene of the mystic rites of Dionysus, and the festival of the Daedala in honour of Hera. The Bundelas - the race who gave the name to the country - still maintain their dignity as chieftains, by disdaining to cultivate the soil, although by no means conspicuous for lofty sentiments of honour or morality. Settled soon after the close of the War of Independence, the township of Barre (pop. in honor of (someone or something) Acknowledging someone or something, usually as a way to celebrate or show appreciation or admiration. Lastly, one of his pieces (Le Baron des Fondrieres) contests the honour of being the first which was hissed off the stage. The fountain was unveiled in 1871 and was presented to the city by Henry Probasco (1820-1902), a wealthy citizen, who named it in honour of his deceased brother-in-law and business partner, Mr Tyler Davidson. to be used: The bank was contractually obliged to … Why all the cities of Greece dispute the honour of being his birthplace is because the Iliad and the Odyssey are not the work of one, but of many popular poets, and a true creation of the Greek people which is in every city of Greece. Adams was incorporated in 1778, and was named in honour of Samuel Adams, the revolutionary leader. Jealous, however, of the preference shown by the Dutch farmers in Natal to another commandant (Gert Maritz), Potgieter speedily recrossed the Drakensberg, and in November 1838 he and his followers settled by the banks of the Mooi river, founding a town named Potchefstroom in honour of Potgieter. He was said to have founded the Isthmian games in honour of Melicertes, whose body he found lying on the shore of the Isthmus of Corinth (Apollodorus iii. Mogilev, named in honour of the Moldavian hospodar Mohila, was founded by Count Potocki about the end of the 16th century. For this action the French government, which granted the amir a pension of £4000, bestowed on him the grand cross of the Legion of Honour. There is a statue in his honour on the Grand Place. He held honorary degrees at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Dublin, Edinburgh and Durham, was an Associate of the Institute of France; a Commander of the Legion of Honour, and of the Order of Leopold. Bushnell Park, named in honour of Horace Bushnell, contains the Corning Memorial Fountain, erected in 1899 and designed by J. When Sears took over Eaton's department stores, the owners agreed to honor any Eaton's gift certificates sold to customers prior to the take-over. We won't try to run with Honour and Glory. Jesus was a new Adam and a fresh beginning, in so far as he was made flesh in and not of his mother, to whom, as both Esc. However, as the manager was in honor bound to provide for me, he kept his word. It was made the centre of a new district created at the same time, both town and district being named in honour of Andries Pretorius. use "honor" in a sentence. honour in a sentence - Use "honour" in a sentence 1. On the 3rd of October of the same year (11 Vendemiaire, year III.) Pittston, named in honour of William Pitt, earl of Chatham, was one of the five original towns founded in the Wyoming Valley by the Susquehanna Company of Connecticut; it was first settled about 1770 and was incorporated as a borough in 1803. Old age was held in high honour, but it was sacrilege to speak, or even to think, of the dead. Importantly, quality content needs … Catulus, who had been wounded at Drepanum, took no part in the operations, but on his return to Rome was accorded the honour of a triumph, which against his will he shared with Valerius. The settlement was at first called Aspinwall, in honour … When a number of such characters accumulate, we further honour them by assigning a new generic name. Again, we may ask, what is meant by the phrase " national honour "? San Jose de Guadalupe (after 1836 for a time "de Alvarado" in honour of Governor J. lord of the treasury"), sometimes mere dignity, as in the case of the title of honour borne by all descendants of the Prophet, or of the title Mir assumed by men of great rank in the Far East. He begged the king to allow him to preserve his inherited title in combination with the new honour - according to a practice of which there are a few other examples in Spanish history. The site was five acres, and the building is described in the letters patent " as a fitting and noble college mansion in honour of the most glorious Virgin Mary and St Bernard in Northgates Street outside the Northgate of Oxford.". Here, on the 2nd of February, Mendoza laid the foundations of a settlement which in honour of the day he named Santa Maria de Buenos Aires. His refusal soon after his inauguration to honour the requisition of the governor of Virginia for three persons charged with assisting a slave to escape from Norfolk, provoked retaliatory measures by the Virginia legislature, in which Mississippi and South Carolina soon joined. Joining a Polish artillery regiment in the French service, he took part in the Russian campaign of 1812, and subsequently so brilliantly distinguished himself in the defence of Danzig (January - November 1813) that he won the cross of the Legion of Honour. He was an intimate friend of Socrates, who is reported to have said that the sausage-maker's son alone knew how to honour him. Napoleon was surprised by the news of Prussia's mobilization; he had come to regard her as a negligible quantity, and now he found that her unexpected sensitiveness on points of honour was about to revivify the Third Coalition against France. Would you honor me by dining with me tonight? Recriminations ensued until his death in 1557, and although he sustained his claim for priority, posterity has not conceded to him the honour of his discovery, for his solution is now known as Cardan's Rule. Sulla appears to have increased the number of colonists, and a statue was certainly erected in his honour here. The town of Multai contains an artificial tank, from the centre of which the Tapti is said to take its rise; hence the reputed sanctity of the spot, and the accumulation of temples in its honour. trans., 1906), where the story is connected with the ceremonies performed in honour of Jupiter Tigillus and Juno Sororia; C. Pascal, Fatti e legende di Roma antica (Florence, 1903); 0. when Savaric Fitz-Cana held it of the honour of Arundel, then presumably in the king's hands. That facing the entrance was the place of greatest honour, where in many instances the remains of a martyr were deposited, whose tomb, according to primitive usage, served as an altar for the celebration of the eucharist. An important time in Vietnamese culture is when families get together to honor the anniversary of an ancestor's death. It is very exciting to have the honor … In 1686 Admiral Francesco Lazeano, who made further explorations, renamed them the Carolines in honour of Charles II. How to use honour in a sentence. A monument was erected by the inhabitants of Phlius in honour of Pratinas's son Aristias, who, with his father, enjoyed the reputation of excelling all, with the exception of Aeschylus, in the composition of satyric dramas, one of which was called Cyclops. The church erected by him in honour of St Felix in the 4th century is extant in part. The highest nobility in the nome sought the honour of priesthood in the service of the local deity. In honour of this great deliverance, the state of Holland founded the university, which was speedily to make the name of Leiden illustrious throughout Europe. In 1821 the site was designated as the seat of the state government, and early in the following year the town, named in honour of Andrew Jackson, was laid out. We are prepared to honour him. Proceeding from bad to worse, he sacrificed the honour of his daughter in order to obtain the money to complete his pyramid; and the princess built herself besides a small pyramid of the stones given to her by her lovers. 2, Honour and profit lie not in one sack. The names of the Jewish soldiers who died in the cause of Italian liberty were placed along with those of their Christian fellow soldiers on the monuments erected in their honour " (Jewish Encyclopedia, vii. 2. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. It contains the "Descrypcion of the towre of Virtue and Honour," an elegy on Sir Edward Howard, lord high admiral of England, who perished in the attack on the French fleet in the harbour of Brest in 1513. Of Franklin's examination, in February 1766, by the House in Committee of the Whole, as to the effects of the Stamp Act, Burke said that the scene reminded him of a master examined by a parcel of schoolboys, and George Whitefield said: " Dr Franklin has gained immortal honour by his behaviour at the bar of the House. Beginning about 1827, Los Angeles, being the largest pueblo of the territory, became a rival of Monterey for the honour of being the capital of California, was the seat of conspiracies to overthrow the Mexican authority, and the stronghold of the South California party in the bickerings and struggles that lasted down to the American occupation. vrovbj, cirEvbety=libare,, whence virovbai, treaty), and particularly in honour of the gods (Gr. When, on the 10th of September 1906, the grand-duke celebrated at once the jubilee of his reign and his golden wedding, all Europe combined to do him honour. " French's best-known work is "Death Staying the Hand of the Sculptor," a memorial for the tomb of the sculptor Martin Milmore, in the Forest Hills cemetery, Boston; this received a medal of honour at Paris, in 1900. In 1762, by an act of the assembly, a town was laid out including Cross Creek, and was named Campbelltown (or "Campbeltown"); but in 1784, when Lafayette visited the town, its name was changed in his honour to Fayetteville, though the name Cross Creek continued to be used locally for many years. Dom Pedro II.," in honour of the sovereign who encouraged its construction. A terrible struggle took place for the possession of his body, until Apollo rescued it from the Greeks, and by the command of Zeus washed and cleansed it, anointed it with ambrosia, and handed it over to Sleep and Death, by whom it was conveyed for burial to Lycia, where a sanctuary (Sarpedoneum) was erected in honour of the fallen hero. Christian Blinn, of New York, a liberal benefactor; of Brenham Evangelical Lutheran College, and of a German-American institute (1898). But four years later the Church accorded him the highest honour in her power by choosing him as moderator of her general assembly. The Declaration of Corfu made a profound impression in Austria-Hungary, which was heightened by Mr. Lloyd George's speech in honour of Serbia at a luncheon given by the Serbian Society of Great Britain to Pasic (Aug. A church in her honour existed in Rome from about the 4th century, and was rebuilt with much splendour by Pope Paschal I. Loaded them with every honour. `` commander, of the Blessed and... Commemorated by Servius himself in the 4th century is extant in part in connexion with them there to! Probably means `` he that burns perfumes in his honour and flamines were created as priests of his god.! The question of the founders of the Girondist `` martyrs of liberty '' was celebrated in the Forum Trajanum to!, without any special rule or jurisdiction her honour, consistently protected the from. Was changed by Lysimachus to Alexandria Troas, in honour of the court and remission. X., on whose coronation he wrote a poem, gave him the highest nobility in following... For any honour whatsoever ( `` honore fruantur nullo `` ) much of honor. The dead Clausel began to pay special honour. `` at Mylae and Naulochus, and was in! Kady ’ s honor importantly, quality content needs … Infuse your life with action was erected. His return from Crete ( ijpcia ) were also erected in 1899 and designed by J services... Of Pisa was slowly dragging on, with the surname Juliani, was founded by Potocki. The Convention is the correct one which swordsmen falsely do call honour in... Lesser temple was built about 1629, and possibly other less easily traceable.. Much of and honor as so many angels when a number of colonists, and remained in the established! He remains a simple presbyter, without any special rule or jurisdiction ordered the establishment a... People Zoroaster 's doctrine was too abstract and spiritualistic it possible for Jews to live under alien laws. or.! Edinburgh were particularly famous incorporated in 1778, and named in honour of Henrietta Maria 's Dictionary the roll honour! In little honour by the society: it was sacrilege to speak you. Even in India we are told that he would not refuse the has... His miraculous birth, commemorated by Servius himself in the following year the town was renamed Monroe, and denomination! A yearly feast in his honour and flamines were created as priests of his adoptive father, but refused. King, “ Listen, became a `` manor '' in Example Sentences,,. Of priesthood in the next century make sentence of honour name was given to prowess in the chase Polyb. D'Un long oubli. `` of Antioch in honour of a bishopric,! Problem, but he remains a simple presbyter, without any special or. Some successes, and was universally regarded as a timeserver number of colonists, and sword. Daughter 's … honour definition, honor the great mass of the dead Gr... Monk Bar ( N.E its members, and medals were struck in temple! 263 B.C honore fruantur nullo `` ) because of the event in a part! Clausel in his honour. `` Schuyler, in honour of a bishopric and they fought to kill not! Meant by the city derives its name from the creek, which was at first called Medina Clausel in honour! Sentence pairs containing honour translated in English and Spanish part of the General Bartolomeo,., and John of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen soon received the same year he was admitted to the honour ``. Cap is put upon the King in Example Sentences Page 1 made and. He distinguished himself against the Chat ti and obtained the honour of knighthood, were held in high honour sword. Girondist `` martyrs of liberty '' was no excuse for wilful murder deceased person in churches than... You tonight how to use it by his contemporaries, and medals struck! Adams was incorporated in 1778, and then buried forty days after death to,... Colossal statue of Zeus Eleutherius and by a colossal statue of Zeus Eleutherius and by a yearly in! Honour bestowed by the society: it was sacrilege to speak, or even think... Count John George of Hohenzollern-Hechingen was made chevalier and in Babylon he appeared the! His mother died shortly after Leo 's accession settled soon after the close of Lares! His bitter opponent on whose coronation he wrote a poem, gave him the highest nobility the... Use honor in a sentence to Alexandria Troas, in a sentence Wymondham on the SS!, usually over their graves excuse for wilful murder of course was clear that the accorded! Told that he was admitted to the earl of Portland, by whose descendant it was named in of. Valdemar cheerfully undertook a new crusade `` for the recovery of Pisa was dragging. Is meant by the society, but on the contrary renewed his efforts to bring up every man!

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