Our associates move fast-but they do it together. We include this facility in our list because it is based in the U.S.), 1 Walmart/Sam’s Club Distribution Center in a campus in Puerto Rico that is now considered to be part of the U.S.network, 1 Print and Mail Distribution Center and and 1 STaR North IT Distribution Center, 5 Returns Centers; 6 Returns Consolidation Centers; 7 Used Asset Centers; 1 Material Consolidation Center; & 2 Electronics Refurbishment Centers. This was exactly the case for Walmart in 2012 at two of its import distribution center campuses operated by Schneider Logistics in Mira Loma, CA and Elwood, IL. Learn more about applicant rights under Federal Employment Laws. The answer is quite simply that we are supply chain people and we are interested in understanding how the world's most successful companies strategically distribute goods to market. See more of Walmart Distribution Center- Washington Court House on Facebook. Each full case has a Walmart-compliant label such that the conveyance system can sort the merchandise to the correct shipping dock door assigned to a store (i.e. These massive distribution centers are within the range of 640,000 - 1.6 Million square feet and employ around 700+ warehouse associates. Whether you're filling orders for Stores or performing general repairs. Lastly, Walmart has implemented automated material handling systems in several of their Perishables distribution centers. The first chart depicts the number of retail square feet supported by distribution center square feet over time. Walmart’s Full-Line Grocery distribution centers are generally L-shaped facilities with a square-shaped Dry Grocery building forming one side of the L-shaped complex, and a long rectangular Perishables building forming the other side of the complex, The Dry Grocery buildings typically have 3 sides dedicated to dock doors to enable maximum throughput and crossdock capacity while the Perishables buildings having receiving and shipping docks on the opposite sides of the complex. Walmart E-Commerce Fulfillment Center Network in the United States. The narrower rectangular portion of the facility is typically designed for a mechanized conveyor system that can be anywhere from 10 - 20 miles in total length. These items move so quickly that their inventory turns are extremely fast, hence the inventory penalty associated with stocking these items at twice as many distribution centers is relatively low. Thus the International cost of goods needs to be removed to derive the cost of goods sold through the U.S. so we used the International sales revenue as a % to total sales to pull out cost of goods associated with international markets. The majority of these operations are small crossdock facilities (similar to LTL truck terminals) that range between 40,000 - 100,000 square feet in size. Each import center receives containers of merchandise from Asia Pacific (and the rest of the world) and then redistributes this merchandise to the company’s regional general merchandise and grocery distribution centers within its region. Now you may be wondering why anyone would undertake to research this information. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company operates more than 300 locations nationally. Sales through the warehouse club format are high relative to the distribution center footprint because the goods are primarily cross-docked in pallet loads and there is a low labor/space requirement to move goods to market. Walmart U.S. Distribution Center Network Summary. What ratio of net sales revenue to distribution center square footage does a company like Walmart have in the U.S.? The requested URL was rejected. Walmart Regional General Merchandise Distribution Center (GMDC or RDC) Network in the United States. MWPVL International provides supply chain / logistics network strategy consulting services. What about cost of goods through the distribution center? Adecco is the local leader among staffing and temp agencies in Houston, Texas. Cashier. As we mentioned in the qualifying statements, these results are not necessarily useful to benchmark against other retailers because they are highly dependent on the product lines being distributed and the retail store format being serviced. We encourage associates to step outside of the box and find jobs most people never knew existed at Walmart. Our conjecture is that Walmart outsources most crossdock operations to 3PLs as a means of keeping its distribution network flexible to the ever expanding store network that needs to be supported. This creates a highly competitive environment which ultimately maximizes the quality of service and productivity rates achieved across the network. Thus we can analyze several interesting questions to provide a unique perspective that may be meaningful. Please consult with your administrator. For this reason, Walmart’s cost of goods sold per square footage of distribution center space will likely be much higher as compared to similar retailers that do not self-distribute pharmaceuticals. Increasing control over distribution as a means to success is the most powerful lesson that Walmart can teach the rest of the world. In effect, roughly 4,000 of the fastest moving dry grocery and general merchandise products were mixed (i.e. What started as a small mom & pop store in Arkansas in the 60's, has evolved into one of the largest retailers in the world with thousands of stores in 28 countries across the globe. Walmart Distribution Centers That Have Been Vacated or Projects That Have Been Canceled. These massive facilities are typically within the range of 1.0 - 1.6 Million square feet at 35’ clear stacking height. *Requires a Physical Abilities Test (PAT). The sum total of Walmart’s retail and distribution center space is 1.4 times larger than Manhattan! Keep in mind that Walmart self-distributes partial-line pharmaceuticals products and the dollar value of pharmaceuticals is extremely high relative to the square footage of distribution space needed to support this business. One of the challenges that Walmart faces is that the company is such an efficient low-cost operator that cost justifying extensive capital investments into automated material handling systems is difficult, hence the majority of the facilities remain as conventional distribution operations. Suffice to say that recording the history of any company’s distribution center space is not a perfect science . [Data was collected through an online survey distributed to Walmart Customer Spark panel members (N- 2291) managed by Customer Spark and Research Platform team (Global Data)] To further emphasize this point, the following quote is taken from Sam Walton's biography called Made in America - My Story, published in 1992: “Distribution and transportation have been so successful at Walmart because senior management views this part of the company as a competitive advantage, not as some afterthought or necessary evil. We consider our temporary associates to be … The average one-way travel distance to the stores is approximately 124 Miles. The second chart depicts Walmart’s net sales revenue to the U.S. market as a ratio to square footage of distribution center space within the U.S.  From this chart we can see that this ratio has steadily increased over time which may in part be caused by inflation. Our associates are the heart of this company. Sam's Club E-Commerce Dark Store Network in the United States. During this ten-year period, many well known regional supermarket chains went out of business due to this sizable loss of market share. In addition to these 25 dedicated e-commerce facilities, Walmart also fulfills e-commerce orders from 8 regional distribution centers;  2 fashion distribution centers; 6 Sam’s Club dark stores that were converted from retail stores; and 3 import distribution centers. This is clearly logical since perishables usually makes up 50% of the outbound truckloads shipped to the store from a full-line grocery distribution center. The Walmart Distribution Center Network in the United States, International Inc. is a full-service global, Supply Chain Technology Advisory Services, Sam’s Club “Dark Store” E-Commerce Fulfillment Centers, Specialty Distribution Centers (Export, Optical Labs, Pharmacy, Returns Processing, Tires, Print and Mail). Community See All. We have taken the time to research the opening dates and square footage of each distribution center for the purpose of compiling the evolution of the Walmart’s distribution network. The company is also in the process of converting multiple Sam's Club stores into e-Commerce metro-market facilities which we list in a separate table after the table below. The majority, but not all, of these facilities are operated by 3PL companies. The balance of sales is serviced through the DSD distribution channel (.i.e. This labor strategy is not unique to Walmart and this approach is typically used to establish an arm's length relationship with the labor force. In addition to the facilities listed below, Center Point facilities are also attached to existing Walmart DC locations such as Desoto, TX; Laurens, SC; Seymour, IN; Grove City, OH; Ottawa, KS; Saint James, MO, and 2 other sites. Sam’s Club currently operates a national network of cross dock facilities across the United States. The result was … The company refers to these facilities as Center Point distribution centers (CP) and they are utilized to consolidate inbound loads of merchandise with the goal to minimize the net landed cost of goods into their distribution network. Manually filling orders for the Stores. The average distribution center employs over 1,000 warehouse associates. This process is described below for those that may be interested. The Walmart Specialty Distribution Center Network in the United States. Ours spends because we continually demonstrate that it lowers our costs. Walmart Inc. participates in E-Verify. Sam’s Club Distribution Center Network in the United States. We have organized Walmart’s distribution centers by Facility Type, State, and City based on the following main facility types: As a side note, if you compare our statistics to Walmart’s public financial statements our information indicates a larger network because we include 3PL facilities that are dedicated to Walmart but not operated to Walmart. Closed/Cancelled Walmart Distribution Centers. Below is a list of Walmart’s food distribution centers in the United States. The company has also published its retail square footage information since 1969. During this time, Walmart’s grocery and perishables distribution center square feet grew from 5 DCs totaling 4.2 Million square feet to 39 DCs totaling 31.5 Million square feet - an astonishing 750% increase! Full case and split case picking modules can be designed with picking to conveyors up to 3 - 4 vertical levels high. Similarly, 64% of the non-fuel merchandise sold from Sam’s Club stores is shipped through Sam’s Club distribution center network. Our distribution and transportation associates manage the complex task of getting products from suppliers and our distribution centres to our stores. Project and Program Management - Technology, Real Estate, Construction and Store Planning. In short, the consolidation of inbound LTL loads at strategic locations within the Walmart network enables the elimination of millions of inbound travel miles to replenish inventory throughout the Walmart distribution network. Walmart opened their first dedicated e-commerce fulfillment center in Fort Worth in 2013. The table below provides a summary of Walmart’s distribution center network in the United States. The Best Jobs at Walmart For Seniors. The way he sees it, the reliance of Walmart and others on temp agencies is the reason most of the warehouse jobs will never lead to stable living, just the financial anxiety of someone who's temping in perpetuity. What do the charts above tell us? The company has since been investing heavily in their fulfillment network which is supplemented by in-store order fulfillment capabilities. It was an unprecedented assault on an otherwise complacent industry characterized by razor thin profit margins and low levels of innovation. applicant rights under Federal Employment Laws. Walmart will begin taking the temperature of all employees at its stores and distribution centers, the company announced Tuesday. Pallets are then replenished to pick locations where merchandise is subsequently picked and either deposited to conveyor belts or to electric double pallet jacks. Also keep in mind that Sam’s Club sales revenue relative to distribution center square feet is much higher than most retailers because most of the non-DSD merchandise passes through smaller crossdock facilities in pallet quantities. After Walmart began operating a warehouse that a outside company had run, it did background checks on the facility's workforce. thus bypassing the retailer distribution network. It is not clear why Sam’s Club outsources the majority of its crossdock operations to multiple 3PL companies. From our perspective, the following learnings can be derived from the above charts: Marc Wulfraat is the President of MWPVL International Inc. On the other hand, these items generate the majority of cube movement therefore stocking them closer to the stores takes out significant over the road transportation miles. sales through the direct store delivery channel). Today, Walmart’s Fashion distribution centers are generally large rectangular-shaped facilities that are highly mechanized with conveyance systems designed to service upwards of 1,000 stores. General Inquiry. Walmart’s incredible growth in the grocery industry was indeed the logistics story of the 2000’s. Too many companies view the distribution center as en expense that must be minimized as opposed to a strategic weapon. Adecco is the local leader among staffing and temp agencies in Houston, Texas. In general, full pallets are handled within these cross dock operations. Trucks are dispatched from the CP to the distribution center when a full truck load is achieved, or when a time window constraint has elapsed. A lot of companies don't want to spend the money on distribution unless they have to. Back then, it was a 22,000 square foot section of Walmart DC#6000 in Bentonville, AR allocated to ticketing and distributing wearables. Employment Agency in Washington Court House, Ohio. As such, the crossdock network can be adjusted with greater flexibility than if the company owned and operated all of these facilities. Walmart currently operates a national network of food distribution centers in the United States exceeding 35.0 Million square feet. non-food) commodities including electronics, health and beauty aids, sporting goods and toys, appliances, etc. Hourly pay at Wal-Mart Distribution Center ranges from an average of $13.23 to $23.67 an hour. Since not all merchandise is conveyable and not all merchandise can be pre-allocated, there is also a conventional full case and split case section of the facility.

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