Commercial Financing may be provided by Currency Capital, LLC and loans Unsave Save. SOLD! Air, Tip Tanks, TAS, ADS-B Out, WX500, XM Weather, 3 Frequency ELT, Leather Seats, G1000, GFC700, WAAS. Share your Cessna piston story using #WithMyCessna. We recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari for the best experience. 679 TT. The Cessna 206 Stationair is one of those airplanes that you can dress up with a classy paint scheme and a stylish leather interior to fly business associates in style. Parmi les 206 les moins chers, voici deux Cessna U206 Super Skywagon. Trade I... More Info, 2013 T206 with Camera Hole, fresh engine and prop G1000 2882 TT, ADSb, Fresh Annual. We have active buyers. Cessna 206 Series. TT SNEW Engine: 1256 Hrs. Le second, année 1969, série D, a une charge utile supérieure aux modèles récents. *All aircraft loans are subject to credit approval. since Lycoming Crankshaft AD compliance by Lycoming) Prop: 1186 Hrs. Provenance : Royaume-Uni. Photos and other media may not display unless you activate javascript and refresh this page. D'occasion. It hauled me, my wife, our two sons and camping gear to many parts of the Idaho backc… Inertia Separator System 9. New Fiberglass Cowlings 6. TKS® fluid exudes from plane’s leading edges. Robertson STOL, TurboPlus intercooler, IFR panel with ADS-B Out/In, engine analyzer. Weather service: $604.89. Between 1962 and 2006, a total of 8509 Cessna 205, 206, and 207 airplanes have been produced. 2010 CESSNA TURBO 206H STATIONAIR. We need listings. Avec ses 3867 heures déclarées et un équipement assez correct, son proprio en demande 78 135 $ US. is not the manufacturer or supplier of any equipment. They will also tell you the 206’s piston engine limits its ability to fulfill its performance potential. Vous bénéficiez d’un droit d'accès, de rectification, de directives post-mortem et de portabilité et, pour des motifs légitimes, de suppression, de limitation et d'opposition des données personnelles vous concernant en nous contactant ici : n.a.. Site web réalisé par 2020 appyourself The higher horsepower engine installed with the newer design propeller change, makes a cost effective difference for your Cessna 206 at minimal expense. Equipped for Aerial Survey, Camera. Cet exemplaire, immatriculé C-FSGX, est particulièrement bien équipé. C’est un avion de brousse rapide et particulièrement confortable. This article about Sky’s Cessna operating costs calculator is summarized from his magazine article and his webinar, which includes a free airplane cost of ownership calculator. 646 TT. LLC utilizes its broad network of aircraft lenders to offer the most Based on 450 annual owner-operated hours and $5.00-per-gallon fuel cost, the CESSNA T206H has total variable costs of $82,980.00, total fixed costs of $63,707.00, and an annual budget of $146,687.00. Cargo Pod, Oversize Tires/Wheels Fairings, G1000, Updated 02 Nov 2020. L’accès à bord est très aisé grâce à la double porte cargo. Load as much as you can fit through the big cargo door. candidates, and are subject to additional documentation fees, terms and 973 TT. © Copyright 2020Trader InteractiveAll Rights Reserved. $330,300 (€270,000) 1978. Call for Details! New Fuel Filter 15. Currency Capital, Trade In’s Welcome! Electronics International MVP-50 Instrument Panel 8. Aircraft Operating Cost Calculator. 2444TT, 183 SMOH/SPOH, IFR Certified, 2018 - New Instrument Panel & $40K Investment... More Info, N52ME. The 205, 206, and 207 were originally developed from the retractable-gear Cessna 210. Cessna replaced the Continentals formerly used in the 206 with Lycoming 540s. Cessna 206 H Stationair. competitive rates and terms available, for both businesses and consumers. More Info, 2004 Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair. 41 aircraft listings most relevant to your search. We have active buyers we n... More Info, 1999 CESSNA 206H on Amphib float, TT-1000, SM 1.7, SP 1.7 fresh OH on both, Wipline 3450 amphib float, ask for spec. - MENTIONS LÉGALES - LEGAL NOTICES - General and Particular Conditions of Sale - Conditions Générales de Ventes - FR - Politique de cookies - Plan du site, 428, RANG DES GRÉS Get Insurance Operating Costs Apply for Financing. Nous collectons ces données afin de nous permettre de traiter votre demande conformément à la Politique de Confidentialité accessible ici : n.a.. The 206 was re-introduced into production in 1998. We noticed you're using an unsupported browser which may result in limited or no functionality for portions of our website. The capacity of the 205, 206, and 207 is one crew member and five passengers. … Spain. 28 volt Electrical Generator Control System 14. Hartzell 3 Blade Propeller with Spinner 4. This Hard Working 1965 P206 Is Ready For Your Toughest Mission! Cessna’s Caravan is a top choice, but that $2.2 million price tag often puts it well out of reach for many pilots. illustrated above are based on terms available to the highest qualified … Sale . New Frakes Exhaust Stacks 5. STC Camera hole. L’équipement de la cabine, avec casques d’écoute et musique, la qualité supérieure de l’intérieur et le confort de ses sièges le prédestinent à de longues excursions aériennes. Refurbishing and modernization: $1,702.42. 1732 TT. More Info, 2005 Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair. SNEW Annual: 04/202... More Info, 1999 CESSNA 206H, TT3851. Total Cost of Ownership: $40,426.77 Total Fixed Cost $24,435.30. Depreciation: $13,166.23. Provenance : États-Unis. 33 SFRM. New & Used Aircraft. The Tri-Pacer is an honest airplane, despite its looks. Known variously as the Super Skywagon, Skywagon, Stationair, and Super Skylane, the Cessna 205, 206, and 207 are a family of single engine, general aviation aircraft with fixed landing gear. Cessna Strong Watch Video ; Command the Next Generation with Garmin G1000 NXi See the video and schedule a demo ; Heavy Duty . Call for Details! The combination of a powerful engine, large cabin, and rugged construction has made the 205, 206, and 207 popular bush planes. Notre site utilise des cookies pour vous offrir une meilleure expérience. Production of the six-seat 206 was halted when Cessna halted its single-engine product. Laser-drilled titanium panels with 800 holes per square inch. Recent leather seats an... More Info, 1969 Cessna P206D Back Country Hauler, Sportsman STOL, Wipaire Wing Extensions, VGs, 400 SINCE FACTORY REMAN, 6428 TT, 49 SPOH, 80 Gals Fuel, New Paint and... More Info, 1967 Cessna U 206,10K TT Airframe, IO 550 F Conversion, Engine 949 SFOH , Prop 1304 SOH, 10K TT, Full Robinson STOL, McCauley 401 Wide Chord Prop, Stratus ... More Info, THIS AIRCRAFT NEEDS REPAIR OF THE LEFT WING, WILL BE ALSO NECESSARY AN INSPECTION ON THE PROPELLER AND ON THE ENGINE. Depending on numerous factors, the average price for a pre-owned CESSNA 206G is $146,000.00. 116,85 EUR. 2015 Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair. 60DBO-56173. Thee Cessna 206 was first introduced in 1962 as a fixed gear version of the Cessna 210. Dès le début de sa production il fut décliné en deux versions : le Super Skylane (version passagers) et le Super Skywagon (version utilitaire). Sale . 1999. Overhaul cost on a TIO-540 runs about $23,000; non-turbo about $20,000. Cargo Pod, Oversize Tires/Wheels Fairings, G1000, GFC700, WAAS. Immediately Available , Copilot Instruments, Copilot Door. Annual inspection cost: $1,563.27. This is a Cessna T206H ISR & WAD Surveillance Aircraft - Single Sensor and/or Multi-Sensor Special Mission Aircraft Platform - FLINT Tip Tanks for inc... See More Details. TBO for the turbo is 1800 hours and 2000 hours for the normally aspirated. Javascript is not enabled. Active Traffic (TAS), ADS-B In/Out, G1000. TT SNEW (1146 Hrs. Follow Us On Facebook Journey. Contact for Price . ron@north... More Info, 2013 T206 G1000 Camera Plane Aircraft, G1000, Call Ron 615-405-7925 Cell/Whatsapp Get Financing as … Storage: $840.00. The Cessna 206 was introduced in 1964 and was built until 1986. Turning power into thrust is a three-bladed, McCauley constant speed propeller. 3-Engine Mount Isolators 12. My Saved Listings Updated: Fri, Nov 06, 2020 02:41 PM. Use the "Filter By" button at the bottom of your screen to select only the makes or model /groups relevant to your search. Known variously as the Super Skywagon, Skywagon, Stationair, and Super Skylane, the Cessna 205, 206, and 207 are a family of single engine, general aviation aircraft with fixed landing gear. With a useful load of up to 1,623 lbs (736 kg), the Turbo Stationair HD offers powerful flexibility . Based on 450 annual owner-operated hours and $5.00-per-gallon fuel cost, the CESSNA 206H has total variable costs of $88,650.00, total fixed costs of $66,340.00, and an annual budget of $154,990.00. Features. 1050 TT. Or, put one on floats and jump in with a wet swimsuit. Various models of the Cessna 206 include the Cessna Model 206, 206 Turbine, TU206, Cessna U206 Super Skywagon, P206, P206 Super Skylane, U206A, P206A, P206B, TU206A, TU206B, TP206A, TP206B, U206B, P206C, TP206C, P206D, TP206D, P206E, TP206E, U206C, TU206C, U206D, TU206D, U206E, TU206E, U206F, TU206F, 206G Stationair, U206G, Cessna TU206G, 206H Stationair, and Cessna T206H. Monthly payments Currency Capital, LLC is an independent finance company and Cessna 205, 206 & 207 2000 model Cessna 206H Stationair Role Light aircraft: Manufacturer Cessna: Introduction 1962 (206) Status In production Primary users Ravn Alaska Argentine Army: Produced 1962–1986 and 1998–present Number built: over 8509 (as of approx. ADS-B In/Out, G1000. More Info, 1999 Cessan 206H Amphib, 1000 TTSN, 1.7 SMOH, 1.7 SPOH, Wipline 3450A amphib float, EGT, KMA 26 audio panel, dual King KX155 Nav/Com, KR87, KLN89B GPS, KT7... More Info. Le Cessna 206 est un avion 6 places, ailes hautes, monomoteur. Fuel cost per hour: Le Cessna 206 est un avion 6 places, ailes hautes, monomoteur. Cessna 206 Aircrafts For Sale: 1 Aircrafts - Find Cessna 206 Aircrafts on Aero Trader. 1050 TT. well maintained Cessna 206 with robertson stol kit new engine in 2020 EASA O… Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany (EDDH) Sale . To view the various models currently available, please check out our Cessna aircraft for sale for descriptions and photos or PLACE A LISTING of your aircraft for sale. MODEL TU206G Workhorse, mostly dedicated to aerial survey. made or arranged pursuant to California Finance Lenders Law license number 1999. Flint Tip Tanks, ADS-B In/Out, G1000. 200 amp Generator 13. 2-Tach Generators 11. 2008 Cessna Turbo Stationair T206H. Cruise speed is 142 knots (163 mph, 263 km/h), stall speed is 54 knots (63 mph, 100 km/h), and maximum speed is 151 knots (174 mph, 280 km/h). New Pratt & Whitney PT6A-21 Engine 2. Specifications. The aircraft spent most of its life in Florida and is a fresh water only aircraft. The Cessna Stationair it’s the flexible, four-seat, single-engine aircraft, used in commercial air operations and also for personal use. PLEASE CONTACT EMERSON DE JESUS FOR ... More Info, N2547X. The Cessna 205, 206, and 207, known variously as the Super Skywagon, Skywagon, Stationair, and Super Skylane are a family of single-engined, general aviation aircraft with fixed landing gear, used in commercial air service and also for personal use. It was then re-introduced in 1998 and remains in production in 2013. well maintained Cessna 206 with robertson stol kit new engine in 2020 EASA O… Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany (EDDH) Sale . Please call . $330,300 (€270,000) 1978. Easy Access removable metal cowlings for engine maintenance 7. GPS Featured Seller: Lyndon Yorke, . NDH, always hangared and shows. The co-pilot door for the Cessna 206 adds an immense amount of safety and convenience for the front seat passengers of your aircraft by allowing a convenient third way of entering or exiting the aircraft. Protects the entire airframe. Got stuff to haul? Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair. This breaks down to $344.42 per hour. A $73,000.00 loan over 120 months including $304.17 per month in interest equates to a $3,660.49 per-period payment. IFR. Cessna TU206G. This is a short clip from Don Sebastian and Adam Sipe, The Prebuy Guys. TT-4751.9. 183 SMOH. This family is used in commercial air service and personal use., More Info, 2008 Cessna Turbo Stationair T206H. Asking $469,500. SAINT-ÉTIENNE-DES-GRÈS G0X2P0. 2015 CESSNA 206 TURBO STATIONAIR - N565DB . Between 1964 and 2004, 6581 Cessna 206s were produced. Cessna 206. MODEL TU206G Workhorse, mostly dedicated to aerial survey. Showing Ses vastes surfaces vitrées permettent une vision panoramique. A $223,750.00 loan over 120 months including $932.29 per month in interest equates to a $11,219.66 per-period payment. Trade In’s Welcome! Cessna 206’s have an average cost of $714,000 for a Cessna T206H in 2019. Cessna TU206G. Ca... More Info, 2000 Cessna 206H Stationair, Camera Hole equipped Aerial Survey plane.

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