Tall and wide at maturity with plumes stretching higher than the foliage. This drought tolerant grass is sure to capture... starting at $9.95. Native grass found mostly around coastal areas in Tasmania and Victoria, this is our local form from the southern Channel area. These ornamental grass plants work well with a mix of native soil and rich garden soil. Hamelin Dwarf Fountain Grass. It blooms in mid-summer with big, fluffy pure-white, sterile (non-seed producing) plumes. These Pampas Grass Ornamental Grass Live Plants are ideal for exterior decorating. This is a showy clump-forming grass that grows to 3 feet tall and wide. If you’re seeking robust, affordable ornamental grasses for your landscape or garden, turn to Greenwood Nursery. Pampas Grass produces gorgeous white plumes and is wonderful as a centerpiece. Dwarf Mondo Grass – Ophiopogon japonicas ‘Nana’ Read more Compare. Address: 3810 Whites Creek Pike Nashville, TN 37207-1899 Phone: (615) 876-1014 E-mail: [email protected] December Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-4pm thru Dec 19th, then OPEN Monday thru Wednesday 9am-4pm Christmas & New Year's weeks. Learn More. Pampas Grass produces gorgeous white plumes and is wonderful as a centerpiece. Perennial Ornamental Grasses for Sale Online - Greenwood Nursery. Contact information. One of the largest ornamental grasses, Pampas grass has beautiful silver-white plumes August through February, it is drought tolerant once established and is also tolerant of poor, rocky soils. A creamy-white variegated grass. $96.91 Sale $87.21. MONDO GRASS - Ophiopogon SPECIES & CULTIVARS. This is the dwarf variety of Mondo Grass. Dwarf Pampas Grass (Cortaderia Pumila) is one of our showiest ornamental grasses. An excellent alternative to Pampas Grass. It has bright green foliage and produces furry, white, foxtail-like flower plumes in August through November. They are easy to plant and care for. This is a naturally drought-tolerant plant once established and it has low water requirements overall. Pink Muhly. Hamelin Fountain Grass grows in compact, fountain-like mounds. It stays very small and grows at an extremely slow pace which... starting at $3.49 ... starting at $7.95. Mondo Grass, Dwarf. Like their larger counterpoints, the silky plumes are an excellent attraction in the landscape, and are beautiful for cutting or drying. Spreads by runners. MONDO GRASS (S) Ophiopogon japonicus 12 inches high, 12 inches wide Slender, shiny, dense growth. more info. Each one can grow up to 12' in height. 'Pumila' Dwarf Pampas Grass makes a bold statement with massive ivory plumes towering over handsome arching foliage. Pampas Grass is a classic ornamental grass, noted for its large growth and tan to white flower plumes. With an attractive, silvery plume on top, these Pampas grass plants will easily draw the eye. DWARF PAMPAS GRASS Cortaderia selloana 'Pumilla' 4-6 feet high, 3 feet wide Dwarf form with compact habit and profuse bloom. Sale Price I Save 10%. Pampas Grass. Per Collection of 9. Matures at 6 to 8 feet tall and 4 to 5 feet wide. Easy to care for and drought resistant, Hardy Pampas Grass is stunning as a single specimen and can be used as a screen or accent. Pampas grass dries nicely for arrangements, or … This drought tolerant grass is sure to capture attention and add to the natural beauty of … Reddish-brown feathery seed heads turn to white plumes and contribute to the striking appearance of this grass. It grows 8 ft. to 12 ft. May be divided in late winter to early spring. Attractive feathery flowers emerge in late-summer and last for months.

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