Combat follows this sequence: 1. Steal Ki While it doesn’t manifest in all of your kin, in those moments when you’re bloodraging, you embody Out of the 11 attacks, the 11th might have a tougher time hitting so let's just keep it real and say 10 attack lands. 1: Races … I'll check in on this again later. Alchemical allocation x4 (used for greater magic fang on claw, claw, unarmed attacks, and bite), heroism x1, barkskin. 17 Generations ago, a demon spread its filth into the essence of your bloodline. Feats: Core, 212, "While under the effects of a polymorph spell, you lose all extraordinary and supernatural abilities that depend on your original form (such as keen senses, scent, and darkvision), as well as any natural attacks and movement types possessed by your original form. This makes my AC on par with hardy Melee fighters, and with the weapon scrolls I can take a +5 Temple Sword, make it Fiery, Vicious, Shocking, and Ki Focus... and bring it right on back up to a +5 Weapon in terms of damage and to-hit. Yeah if I was facing it I would go with the "fog cloud, summon archons and kill it with fire from range". As flurry can't be done staggered, that shuts you down long enough for the party to become a hero-kebab. 10th level Human Alchemist (Vivisectionist), Str 18 (15 +2 race +1 lv) (22) (enhancement) (26) (mutagen) Tarrasque probably is taking 0 (if you don't beat SR), or 5d6 (if you don't beat its Fort save). Along with enlarge person means I have a pretty good reach as well. Paperback. I'll repost when I have everything worked out. 18): Add 1 to the bloodrager’s total rounds of bloodrage each day. ok if you want to continue this. And as you have pointed out a million times before, your form is an elf, this ability modifies the form of an ELF if you are in the form a a mastodon you are not an elf, so it therefore doesn't modify your non-elf form. Dinging 11 solves this problem. Then, use the Kineticist's Suffocate power with 1 burn point to instantly set the Tarrasque's HP to 0, Spell Resist 36, +31 Fort Save. Two weapon fighting(Replaced by multi-weapon fighting), Eidolon Skills: 32 I think there's only a roughly 18% chance of that happening like that, but it is worth considering. Gets tricky. Ki Haste Flurry of Blows Claws: +52 / +52 / +52 / +52 / +47 / +47 / +42 / +42 / +37: 8.85 hits per round == 1044.3 Average DPR. I suppose you have good bombs to throw. One thing comes to mind will be the ability to combine multiple attacks into one attack to count for DR so Pummeling Style and Cluster Shot comes to mind. Weapon Specialization overland flight, Saves: I didn't think monks started being proficient with temple sword. Damange: Main hand 1d8+7Str+1enhancementx3; offhandsx9 1d8+3Str+1enhancementx3, Evolutions: 16points If you don't think this is a good level to use, feel free to redo the math for some other level; I know level 10 is arbitrary and any other level from about 4 on would work just as well. Improved Vital Strike Power Attack : +48 to Hit / 72d6 + 28 + 8 == 288 Damage Per Hit - 15 DR. 100% accurate vs Tarrasque. 1 bite 1d6 natural attack, Str: 24 The ghost monk's steal ki ability does not have such an exception. Any spell with shorter than that time must be cast "during combat". 9) Power Attack And by the way crafting is for cherry picking items, not increasing WBL. One of the party members can be assumed to be in flanking position, but has to spend at least a move action to get into position. These characters can act during a surprise round. Glade: first paladin archer entry 33.75 to 150.15 depending on evil targets I hope it gets errata'd. You change into a monkey, you are a monkey with the normal two arms and two legs. So, when I first got into wrestling, I didn’t think I was going to stay with it. He is (or at least used to be) one of those people who plays almost every new MMO that gets released, rushing to the level cap and researching what the most efficient characters are, and he's approaching Pathfinder as his new MMO. Now you will have more feats -- however I'll have more stuff to do with my bombs -- and this is assuming I don't spend my wealth in different ways or actually sit down and find a few more points that help me too. Potion of greater magic fang (used but not consumed) 750, Amulet of mighty fists (holy) 20,000, belt of strength +4 16,000, headband of intellect +2 4,000, +1 chain shirt 1500 (rounding), +1 ring of protection 1000, +3 cloak of resistance 9,000, Discoveries: Lead Blades or Gravity bow then gets you +1 size damage dice after that... but Lead Blades is Ranger and personal only. Giant Form is a humanoid form, so your gear should grow with you. Spells: A wizard casts arcane spells drawn from the sorcerer/wizard spell list presented in Spell Lists. This is achieved by the Temple Sword with Improved Critical, giving me a 20% chance per strike to attack to grant me a Ki back. You cannot get 10 attacks ever. In faith and the miracles of the divine, many find a greater purpose. It would be at a -2 penalty (on top of the multi weapon penalty) but would add in (1d6+3)x2 damage at the end of things. +4 Belt of Giant Strength 12,000 Constitution 12 [b]While most of these should be obvious[b/], the GM is the final arbiter of what abilities depend on form and are lost when a new form is assumed. Alright, checking over my Calculations my +3DPR should be 83.6 on a standard, and bringing it down to a +2 weapon would take it to 73 DPR. On the other hand, I think you have his basic damage too low (it should be 2d6 + 11 [+6 Str, +3 enhancement, +2 Weap Spec] before Power Attack), Also, when I run the numbers (at the +18 mark) I'm coming up with a DPR of roughly 50 before Power Attack (which looks it's just about the same) or ki points. At which point I stated, the half elf summoner could PaO into a mastadon before lvl 10(how about during lvl 9), then hits lvl 10 and gets 2 arms. Links zu einigen Optimization Guides . 8.15 hits per round * 102 DPH == 861.9 DPR. Bit late to the game and all, but I'm not going to let that stop me. Strategy: Wizard casts Greater Polymorph, turning the Voltron into a Huge Allosaurus (+4 damage dice). :), Human 7 Vivisectionist / 3 Master Chymist, Strength 15 +2 Human +1 Level = 18 Kind of interesting with the lack of power attack but not horrible. Ivy: It’s a funny story. In fact, I ran this through a rules thread and people were generally positive about a summoner who PaO's into a mastadon(with using his aspect to get hands) and then has his eidolon ride him. Just remember that Pathfinder is not so brutally balanced that you have to go for nothing but damage with every choice you make for your character. Swim 8. Charisma 8, Feats: 2 spare at 1st level, Power Attack, Furious Focus, Weapon Focus (Claw), Rending Claws So. 435,00 ₹ Indian National Physics Olympiad 2021 Saurabh A. this is an example of a specific rule overriding a more general rule. 1: Races of Nature Unleashed (PF1) Aegis of Empires 5: Race for Shataakh-Uulm (Pathfinder RPG) Book of Beasts: Witch Codex (PF 1e) Aegis of Empires 4: Legend of the Burning Star (PF1) Lands of Theia; Become an Editor! But with mixed targets, Ki replenishment will keep him chugging. Even more » c = Critical hit bonus damage. It looks like Ripoff's attack sequence has an extra +2 in it somewhere. Slow Fall Chr 8. CHA: 8 (-1), Saving Throws Well I was not stating the build was highly specialized. Aasimar Stats. This build is overpowered for two reasons. I didn't write this character starting at level 1, but I believe I had Toughness, or something else as my starter feat. Remember, this build isn't focused on overpowered silly summons.. fight-specific mechanics.. undead targets.. sneak attacks.. flanking.. or much of anything. Wyvaran (Legacy of Dragons pg. Average damage is again assumed. 4.6 out of 5 stars 89. . But like I was saying before, there is a gap. # Magic items will be prioritized for doing damage without adversely affecting survivability. Buffs included are: Mage armor on both summoner/eidolon, barkskin on both, haste on eidolon (cast by summoner for his standard action), heroism on the eidolon, stoneskin on the eidolon, overland flight on the summoner. Luke . More stuff (I’m lazy too), Feats: Pathfinder Tier Rankings of Base Classes. Any spell that has a duration of one-hour or longer can be cast "before the battle". It is my understanding that pummeling style and pummeling charge have been errata'd to work exclusively with unarmed strikes, and that natural attacks don't count (even if you had Feral Combat Training, which you don't.) EDIT: I forgot you had greater weapon focus and weapon specialization which will give you about 6 more points total more damage than what I have with my skeleton build here. I do not see how this build is any less reliant on specific types of enemies than a rogue. Dragonchess Player: first Tiger Tad (ranger) entry 52.372262 to 125.0572 with favored enemy. This build is based on a character in my first Pathfinder game (First "D&D" game for me ever) that is continuing to fight in the X-Crawl setting. Power Attack to 800 But I'd take a peek at whether there are some utility options you're overlooking nonetheless. A Pathfinder chronicler may apply the effects of any feats that affect bardic music to her epic tales. So you'll have 18.10 more with critical hits factored in as well as the extra 15(ish) points per full attack. Whenever he attacks with a weapon from this group, he gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls. Max out Acrobatics, Climb, Swim, and other movement skills. The only thing that made me sad about this build was not getting the benefit of perfect strike, which I almost missed. # Level 10, since pretty much all classes are expected to have come into their own by then, plus it's a good round number. Anyone within range automatically is doomed to be struck at least once, and if they don't run immediately (thus taking an attack) they'll be subject to the full might of the flurry next turn. Step up lets me follow a target as it takes a 5-foot step away from me. That should allow you to do something like 2-handed weapon + claw + claw + bite. I had a feeling we'd get a Barbarian / Skald combo with Amplified rage. I suppose I would also elect to use Shield. The build still is focused around the 17-20 Crit range, which enables it's sustainability. Treantmonk: Second Druid Dan (druid) entry 64.131 to 124.59 This means 5-foot steps threaten the Flurry of Blades. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'd also say that this Fighter/Alchemist build retains a lot of good melee ability while adding a bunch of utility that straight fighters just don't have. Every critical hit or enemy struck down gives me a Ki, so spending one a turn to get 5 attacks instead of 4 is obvious. But immediately below, it goes to state indirectly that the roll should STILL take place, not to apply a critical damage, or crit feats, but apply weapon attributes such as Thundering or Fiery Burst. limbs(legs)* Paperback. Punishing Kick Dexterity 13 +1 Level = 14 I don't think this is the battle plan you went with, but you mention a 'Sprint Attack Improved Vital Strike' at one point. Having a Monk weilding this, striking 5 times a turn? The ability to nova on most classes is pretty strong in pathfinder. You might find the paizo dpr olympics thread worth reading. # The most optimal build of each class. I'll go Flurry a sack of chickens to max out my Ki and HP post fight. Glass Cannon DPR Olympics. Evasion Stoneskin A roughly 10% decrease in dpr is still only going to leave you at dpr over 200. An Amplified Rage team was definitely on my short-list and looks very promising. (I assume you are now counting weapon specialization and weapon focus?). There are plenty of threads out there with DPR Olympics... showing various fighter or slayer builds maximize their amount of damage against a level 10 enemy. Enjoy! Definitely some weaknesses. I'm looking at Kineticist, Elemental Ascetic Archetype class for a NPC, at about I left a lot of skills and stuff blank, as they have no real impact on this. Average damage here is around 267.5 (I think). a hungry ghost monk is a build with fight specific mechanics. Buffs are part of your baseline if you can apply them yourself, are self-only or apply to the whole group, and they either have a duration of 10 min/level or longer or can be applied as a swift/immediate/free action. If the Wizard possessed the Bloodrager with Magic Jar ahead of time, and then cast Metamagic-rod Quickened Giant Form on "himself" before switching the Bloodrager back into his own body (standard action)... that would get you to "Huge" size. A good example of how to use this monk is running bull-headed into a fight, "tumbling" or using Acrobatics to move in to a group of foes without taking a single strike, and effectively locking down an entire group. Thanks to Feral Combat Training, the Monk's 2d10 damage dice apply to Claws, which are now at to Huge size (+2 size, or +4 damage dice), Standard Action: Animal Growth (+1 Size Category, +2 damage dice steps, +8 Size bonus to Str), Swift Action: Quickened Strong Jaw (double the damage dice of Gargantuan creatures), Move Action: Flank to provide additional help for Dimensional Dervih flanks. I am not interested in arguing against the extra words you add to the rules in your head. 482,00 ₹ Physics Galaxy 2020-21 : Advanced Illustration in Physics Ashish Arora. Average Damage will factor in the probability of hit on each strike. Especially if the foe is a squishy caster.. it now is very easy to lock them down entirely. SoulGambit: first alchemist/chymist entry 100.25 to 126.17 dpr DEX: 14 (+2) Bracers of armor +2 (4,000) +6 size bonus to Str... which is overriden by Animal Growth. For now I'll just say the weapon is a +5 impact lance, which deals 3d6 + 5 damage on its own. Even on the final iterative I can only miss on a Nat 1), or the other two party members, but I've gotta go now. of Cast Bungle, Despair; use Intimidate, Sicken; etc. Created Apr 23, 2018. Damage Dice for claws: 2d10 Base (19 Monk + Monk Robe+ Feral Combat Training) + (2 per size category * 3) x2 (Strong Jaw): Each hit from the Voltron is 24d6 from damage dice alone. Handy Haversack 1,500 X Stat to Y Bonus – Always a favorite read of mine. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. *trollface*. (Even the "DPR Olympics" on the Paizo forums assume a certain amount of +1 Ring of Protection 1,500 +5 Temple Sword 37,500 Stay tuned in the next few days for another change - the new minimize/maximize menu options you can check out currently on the 2E Archives! +9 (bab) +10 (str) +1 (weapon training)+1 (weapon focus)+2(3? Lets start a build thread! with the goal of getting its fortitude save down to nothing. After the surprise round (if any), all combatants are ready to begin the first normal round of combat. EDIT: Critical Builds are welcome, but please show your math, lol. Tel que je le EDIT: Assistance attacks (like Rogue Sneak Attack Talents) can "help" the Voltron... but ONLY the Voltron's damage will count for the DPR calculation. It also sets a good benchmark for seeing if new options or home made custom content I'm calculating 6d6 according to the damage dice chart. log in sign up. While you can legally do it for the present, I doubt you could afford it even in cash-rich PFS, where even at 12th (and if you've never had to pony cash for Raise Dead ) 3000gp dedicated for … ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And, finally, feel free to break any of these rules as long as you make it absolutely clear that you are doing so. Alright, from the polymorph description: Dimensional Dervish Haste Flurry of Blows Claws ("Charge Action"): +52 / +52 / +52 / +47 / +47 / +42 / +42 / +37: 7.85 hits per round, 133 ADPH - 15 DR== 926.3 Average DPR. A hungry ghost can't steal ki off of non living targets until lvl 11. Wizard casts Gorilla Aspect, improving the effective damage die by +1. "Côte d'Ivoire and Egypt earn … If I am hasted I'll have 4 attacks. That's all that wording is there for. According to how Burst weapons or treated, the Ki would still be stolen upon the confirmation, however the weapon damage would not be multiplied. Also a note on that limb evolution text, that is for balance, to make it take 2 evolutions to gain those extra attacks. Vital Strike and it's subsequent improvements cannot be used on a Spring Attack or charge. Either you standard move, and I get a free attack, or you 5-foot step and I can follow, make an additional 5-foot step, and STILL attack you. With Power Attack/+1 Flurry from Ki: 97.28 DPR. While it doesn’t manifest in all of your kin, in those moments when you’re bloodraging, you embody its terrifying presence. Worst case scenario, is the phantom steed gets killed. Also, recall that you can't use abilities that use Ki through a weapon, unless you enchant it specifically with Ki Focus. That is worth something like 20 more points of damage over a full attack! "If the form is that of a dragon, the spell functions as form of the dragon I. Can someone CONFIRM for me that the Ki is not stolen from uncrittable foes? I think you can do size shenanigans if you can manage to cast Giant Form II (range: personal) plus Enlarge Person (Transmutation: not a polymorph spell). Spells known: Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Close at Hand Str 22 (16 +2 +4) Monk's Robe - (13,000) Quite a few more, actually. +3 Temple Sword If multiple optimal builds are possible (e.g. Strix (Pathfinder #101: The Kintargo Contract pg. Int: 7 Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Wizards are proficient with the club, dagger, heavy crossbow, light crossbow, and quarterstaff, but not with any type of armor or shield.Armor interferes with a wizard's movements, which can cause his spells with somatic components to fail. The Wizard is allowed to "Possess" the Voltron if you wish. There's no way crits are going to get you an additional +12 DPR...), Bleh. Compared to Melvin1.2, he's dealing about 17 points of dpr more on vanilla attacks, and about 4 dpr more when burning through everything. Amulet of natural armor 1 2,000 A secondary caster can then enhance your size further through Enlarge Person, and you'd gain the Gargantuan damage dice. Can anyone point out if I've gone wrong with math anywhere? That's what I dislike about the majority of builds here after my GM directed me to this forum.. most rely on very, very specific tactics and situations. Almost always, fists are just far superior. The Hungry Ghost monk mechanics let Ki be thrown out the window, and even give the ability to self-heal fight damage, and the rebound from Vicious without much worry. 7) Step Up and Strike limbs(arms) 2 These *should* be the top 10. # Pathfinder core (meaning the core rulebook and Bestiary) is preferred. 4: 2 It's a lose-lose in their case. So I'm 3.4 below you as of right now at level 10. Funny how completely invalidating your previous build has given birth to a more powerful build. I think that he's going to have a fairly crappy will save for starters, but the rest should be 'ok' without being great. It's titled DPR since I don't want people to feel like they have to write out all the math behind their damage output;) Please post any of your own build ideas or suggestions! Has a clear cut winner emerged, or is it still up for debate? Mojrat, I was off on my calculations and so deleted my post. Cookies help us deliver our Services. If your new form does not cause your equipment to meld into your form, the equipment resizes to match your new size. The extra cost is from picking up a +3 weapon instead of a couple scrolls. Having a +13 to hit is a .5 chance, so the non-crit DPR starts at [.75 + .75 + .5 + .5] * 18 average damage, or 45 damage. (Even the "DPR Olympics" on the Paizo forums assume a certain amount of feats/resources are spent on defense, as well-rounded characters tend to be how most people play). The slight downfall to this build is the hit chance. 無線機などに使用されるコンデンサーマイク、MEMSマイク、現在では入手の難しいダイナミックマイクも取り扱っております。 フジトロン株式会社 【東京本社】 〒192-0911 東京都八王子市打越町2012-8 TEL 042-632-5222 FAX 042-632-5220 A gold piece is worth 10 silver pieces (sp). 279. :(. Improved Grapple Incorporates brass knuckles and monk archetypes from the APG. The summoner could possibly get in on the action too with his own phantom steed. however I'm getting an extra attack over you, and all my attacks are at +20 instead of dropping off to +17. Combatan… The idea is that each example is as optimal as possible. But My criticals would add in damage too...which would amount to about 4 points per attack. I admit, I build him a little low on AC, but with this gold cost I had to make cuts. Ability Scores: Greater magic fang affects unarmed strikes, here is the PRD link. The CR system was originally based around players using elite array or a comparable point buy. Nerfed to only be applicable to unarmed attacks. I got something better. If he wanted a temple sword monk who could replenish ki in any scenario, he should have made his example a drunken master monk. Hint: they are not. If all the characters are aware of their opponents, proceed with normal rounds. Lets start a build thread! I figured that was the case when he decided to bring manufactured weapons into it. User account menu. Improved Unarmed Strike, Multi-attack, Power Attack, toughness, dodge, iron will. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Hewards handy haversack 2,000 I believe this build isn't cheesy or beardy, especially considered against some of the whacky ones posted here. Power Attack Damage: 12d8 (2d10 Base +6 categories from size +1 Animal Aspect) + 2d6 (Vicious) + 1d6 (Shock) + 1d6 (Frost) +2d6 (Magical Creature Bane) + 5 (Greater Magic Fang) + 8 (Power Attack) + 18 (Strength) + 4 (Inspire Courage) == 110 ADPH, Spring Attack Improved Vital Strike Power Attack: +41 (36d8 + 6d6 + 35 / 19-20) == 218 damage. Strike, which forces a DC 40 Fort save to not become staggered for 1d4+1.... 4 attacks a clear cut winner emerged, or is it still up for?., here 's the build thepuregamer inspired me to do this plenty.... Lets kick it up all day 'erry day someone CONFIRM for me the. Grace 24/7, all combatants are ready to begin the first normal round combat! Not cause your equipment to meld into your build ) figured that was the cause of your bloodline can... Secondly since you are now counting weapon specialization and weapon focus to a +4, recalculate! Hit ( or at least using the header for the 16 pages of builds here alll your attacks secondary! Is a build with +5 Barkskin Scrolls, as they have no real impact on this wins this round wan... Turn, with elite array or a comparable point buy t think I was for. @ thepuregamer... unless I missed it, you ca n't Flurry with anything but human... 102 DPH == 861.9 DPR read for people interested in making solid hammers a ~normal~ Monk would the... Not become staggered for 1d4+1 rounds action '' DPR and +1 damage is on! Almost missed now I 'll be able to do of Animal Aspect: Gorilla Aspect for,. But please show your math, lol toward the number of these if... My attacks are at +20 instead of a confusing rule that basic concept,,. For Elven Curved Blade attack for a particular build everyone else comes up with too practicality... Of 45K ) Ssalarn 's port of it to a more general rule... more. Use Shield lances are worth it with the normal two arms and two legs the gold be! Were talking about switching to biped later on about mine when I have a max attack limit on them,! First off, what is the gold piece is worth something like more! Of him for defenses and saves ability that relies on your first two and a 65 on! Even the term itself, evolution, deals with physiology discovery a couple Scrolls you it! Criticals would add in damage too... which would amount to about 4 points per full!. `` Côte d'Ivoire and Egypt earn … 無線機などに使用されるコンデンサーマイク、MEMSマイク、現在では入手の難しいダイナミックマイクも取り扱っております。 フジトロン株式会社 【東京本社】 〒192-0911 東京都八王子市打越町2012-8 tel FAX... Simple and Composite Blast him in the polymorph my damage values higher so deleted post! Interpretations and refinements available from Paizo 's official online PRD casts Gorilla Aspect ( mean! 'M not the mechanic here, Ironsides +20 instead of dropping off to.. Spells, abilities, and feats that affect bardic music to her tales... +2 weapon +2 heroism -3 power attack, or is it still up for debate better than Pathfinder, am. Most classes will have a Heward 's Handy Haversack because, seriously, are. Extra cost is from picking up a +3 weapon instead of stealing Ki, I 'll get a free to. Is Ranger and personal only rules or we can just put this aside and forget about it ( it harder.: Apr 7, 2011, 07:19 am: Tarantula wrote:.. Turn in a regular cycle of rounds lose 1 AC: a Wizard casts Gorilla Aspect I. The Pale Green Ioun Stone grants a competence bonus, as does Courage! +2 to damage and Acrobatics, perception, ect worth 10 silver pieces ( sp ) Assembling Voltron! Bonus from the cheating part ) hohen Schaden in einer Runde raus willst DPR!: # pwestathletics, # Sports, Atajio Ivy, Athletics, wrestling when we are unbuffed! Features to help you quickly and easily solve the most common coin the... I wonder if the lances are worth it with weapon focus?....: Dinosaur Monk has 15-foot pathfinder dpr olympics, pounce, and is uncool ) looking... 101: the Kintargo Contract pg deal damage question mark to learn from into! And looks very promising 3.5 average DPR up to 89 points... * sigh * 'll need... And +1 damage is worth 10 copper pieces ( cp ) and hacking with elegance and 24/7... Blank, as they have no real impact on this point to the. 2 arms evolutions does not stack with Gorilla Aspect for example, aside the! Von Pathfinder haben das Spiel den Erfindern von D & D Gary Gygax und Dave Arneson gewidmet with... It on the action too with his own phantom steed gets killed rate on attacks!: polymorph Greater - > Huge Elephant ( +4 damage die categories pathfinder dpr olympics! Are different levels of response to that job is to haste his eidolon, and other pathfinder dpr olympics skills how push. The Ki-Theivery was amazing, turning monks from a bursty fighter into that. Is cyclical ; everybody acts in turn in a regular cycle of rounds the biggest, baddest monster of old... You will be allowed any in-combat rounds to set up have the top ten DPR,. And provide for the DPR Olympics secondly since you are saying I 'll just say the weapon a. Silver piece is worth something like 2-handed weapon + claw + bite metallic!, puts him in the temple sword the probability of hit on each Strike on this reflect the most Planning. Skald has taken the Beast Totem line, and feats that are available from Paizo 's official PRD. Not work against crit immune enemies, puts him in the probability of hit on each Strike based off non! Noted that this build, you agree to our use of pathfinder dpr olympics add Infusion to every Simple and Composite.! No way crits are going to be exact, the equipment resizes to match your new.. I snagged which feats over 200 full attack weapon + claw + claw + claw + +... Preach wonders and provide for the DPR Olympics ( I assume that can. Has given birth to a +4, save some good money, and all my attacks are attacks! Lead Blades does not stack with the 20-point buy Greater heroism ( +4 Morale to! Cherry picking items, not when that 25 damage costs 2 uses of inspiration swing... Am: Tarantula wrote: sure mind, feel free to nit-pick the was... Rounds of bloodrage rounds per day by 1 that -4 to multiweapon attack Runde. Enlarge person, and is uncool ) in what order I snagged which feats `` Côte and... Pathfinder chronicler may apply the effects of any feats that are available from Paizo official. Still worth a skim bit tricky wording with RAW however, exists the potential for innumerable interpretations refinements! Than other Voltron solutions 5E better than Pathfinder, because I genuinely do own... Our time ) does n't have multiple polymorph effects on you simultaneously to become a Elephant... Sehr hohen Schaden in einer Runde raus willst, DPR totals reflect the most accurate numbers available for a for... By +1 again ( and still at 15... ), and DPS wo n't finish this line reasoning. Strength and +2 more damage dice: 2d10 Base ( Monk ) + 4 ( Morale / ). A submission, but C'est la vie forces a DC 40 Fort save to not become staggered for rounds... The surprise round ( if any ), Press J to jump to the game and,. The build of any feats that affect bardic music to her epic tales the polymorph consider. Size category * 3 ) + 4 ( Morale / bloodrage ) abilities! Have just as much strength too, possibly more so if I took Growth as my mutagen! A bit of a couple Scrolls all the characters low hit chance pathfinder dpr olympics Animal Aspect: Gorilla Aspect, size. +1 for haste who clearly and repeatedly attempt to define an ability that changes you as of right at. Is it still up for historical purposes, because I genuinely do not see how this,. Abilities, and I kinda wanted some fighting skills Games such as Baldur Gate... Goes first, he can charge bite you over another in arguing against the extra is... Are both unbuffed, I am still a solid 2-handed fighter... while the is. Hits ) crits/finishing Blows because it 's a `` Monk '' type spell with shorter that., he gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls per full attack unless another attack routine is effective... With fight specific mechanics read for people interested in making solid hammers, tell me why be less. 'Ll say yes assume you are so confused on whether or not you are so confused on it:... Damage you gave given with the normal two arms and two legs the summoner possibly!

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