Nature Life Free LWP

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  • May 25, 2013

Free promotion for Nature Life LWP (Live Wall Paper).

This Free App contains one subtle setting of the many and varied available in our full paid version; which has:-

Sumptuous landscape scenes as backgrounds for artistically animated interactive foregrounds.

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  • 10 beautiful backgrounds
  • 15 foregrounds
  • 4 cell sizes
  • 4 smooth speeds
  • 3 attractive animation alternatives
  • background, foreground, or both option
  • informative image information
  • more than 7,000 combinations
  • enough settings for a different look every day for over 21 years

The polished clear and attractive graphical settings in the full version makes personalizing seamless and easy.

Works well on anything from old low end phones to the new hotness.

Tablet Optimized.

Bloat free and so light on the battery.

We hope you enjoy it!

To select this Live Wallpaper

Older devices:- Long Press or Menu button -Wallpapers -Live Wallpaper Newer devices:- Long Press -Live Wallpaper

This is a form of software based Artificial Life known as a Cellular Automaton:- an iterative array representing cellular structures over time. Here we are using the model devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970. Often represented as a zero-play game which means its evolution is purely determined by its initial state; but we have added the ability to re-seed the “cell culture” by touch and swipe.

The complex and real time evolving patterns are based on 4 simple rules applied in a toroidal array to partially simulate an infinite 2 dimensional orthogonal grid that is the universe the “cells” live in.

  1. A cell with less than 2 neighbours dies.
  2. A cell with 2 or 3 neighbours lives on.
  3. A cell with more than 3 neighbours dies.
  4. An empty location will give birth to a cell if it has 3 neighbours.

These simple rules when applied iteratively produce strange and surprising patterns.

Conway’s “Life” has the power of a universal turing machine in that it can compute anything that can be algorithmically computed. It was Conway’s successful attempt to simplify John von Neumann’s complex mathematical model of a machine that was able to build copies of itself.

Cellular Automation - WikipediaConway’s Game of Life - LifeWikiConway’s Game of Life - Wikipedia

A Parallax (sliding) background effect is only enabled in portrait mode which allows us to save on package size and memory use. Also note that the background images should fit all size screens up to 1280 pixels on the longer axis which was virtually all devices when released. If larger screens are sensed the background is automatically disabled but the cells will live on.

  • Post By Yew Tree Apps
  • May 25, 2013
Nature Life Free LWP
  • Post By Yew Tree Apps
  • May 25, 2013
Nature Life LWP
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  • May 25, 2013
Heart Life LWP